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Let's talk about Windows 7 file system, for real.

Windows 7 File system is broke and will never be fixed properly, everything is a kludge from now on...

I have been poking a little fun at Windows Seven for the last year, Vista is a different matter all together.

I have been waiting on three fixes to the Windows 7 file system:

  • The ability to make a folder and not have the left column navigation such as in the older XP.
  • The ability to resize a folder, set the properties to what I want and have open again that way always!
  • The ability to have a file management system where you can turn off the fluff.

So far these three simple items have not been implemented, MS has decided that because you have a computer with a Gig or more of memory and over 100 Gig of drive space that it can put all those 'nifty' features in their Operating System but with out the ability to turn off the junk.

Add to that the new Windows 8 is the same kludge that  came with Vista. Oh - I forgot - You get a touch screen - to make things worse... MS FAIL!

Who needs an address bar for the internet in their file manager? You don't want to connect to the internet while managing files. Not many people know how to correctly type in the address (location) of a file on their hard drives. Are you one? Have you ever used that block to go to a file? Me either.

Interfacing the internet with your Windows 7 file system manager is stoopid and dangerous.

If you happen to download a virus and use the Windows 7 explorer you have a very good chance of giving that virus access not only your files but the internet at the same time. Ever thought of that MS? How about you? Have you given any though as to how much information you are putting on the internet every time you open Explorer?

I always turn off most of the features that MS has been adding to Explorer over the years.

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Even the third party programs such as Explorer ++ and a couple of others have that address bar, how ever Explorer ++ you can turn off the address bar and limit the programs access to the internet.

I have tried a couple of work arounds but a work arounds are not as good as having the problem fixed or removed.

I have also looked at Microsoft's Web site for solutions and only find that others have the same complaint with out MS actually answering any of the questions in their forum.

There isn't any registry changes for the Windows 7 File system (hacks) that I can find that will:

  • Make each folder open in the same place it was opened the last time it was used.
  • Make the folder retain it's settings from the last session (that work and not revert to default).
  • Change the desktop to match what you are used to and comfortable with and make the changes stick.
  • Turn off the IP v.6 (a local network does not need this bloated over kill IP protocol, You will never have 10x to 15th power IP address on an internal network, even the giant companies don't have that many devices, it is only the WWW that needs the IP v.6 protocol. (This should belong to each ISP and let them convert your target domain to the correct IP v.6 address instead of bloating your network software with something you can not use or understand).

This one is the biggie: I have a 23x19 inch monitor (not my idea but they quit making my favorite 19" monitor) and it is a landscape not portrait monitor. Windows 7 thinks that the resolution of 1920x1080 is wrong and after every startup I have to change it from it's default of 1920x 940 back to my preferred selection of 1920x1080. (if you can make the 1920x940 resolution on your monitor try it and you will see what I mean, yuk).

Why fight Windows 7 File system?

Yes, XP is getting a little long in the tooth but it works, it saves my settings, it is comfortable. I don't have to live with something I don't like. I don't have to tweak it every time I start it up in the morning or if I do a restart darning the day.

So I am wondering if I am really going to get serious and change over to Windows 7 anytime soon ....

Something I have noticed over the last couple of months: The virus attacks have dropped off for XP, seems the yo-yo's have moved on to greener pastures of  Windows 7. So if you are a Windows 7 user be sure to keep your Anti virus/trojan/spyware/malware programs up to date.


The Linux (Zorin) version of the XP shell did not work out, it has done what all other versions of Linux have done in the past: Dumped in the Recycle Bin and emptied. (All for 10 bucks - that is what the programmers wanted for the root password, if they had gave the password and asked for a donation I may have played along for a little while longer and maybe would have gave them a good review. Oh well, so much for an "open" Operating System - zorin programmers = FAIL)

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Windows 7 file system is a kludge like the memory management in Windows 3.0...

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