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Windows 7 Features

Turn Windows 7 Features on or off, why?

Well one reason would be that you want the drive space for some other programs. Another is why have games or other useless programs taking up drive space, processor, and memory when you never use them?

Now how do programs you don't use take up processor and memory? All data, be that a program or the data a program produces is stored in an Index, this is a data base. (Has been since NT 3 came out in the 90's). This index resides partially in physical memory and partially in your Paging or Swap file where it can be brought in to memory say when you do a search for a file or open the Windows Explorer - the Libraries.

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By reducing the number of programs that you do not use you lower the size of the index. Over time this index will grow to be quite large. You will notice a marked difference between a computer that just had the Operating System installed and one that the OS had been on the hard drive for sometime.

Windows 7 Features - Or how to Add / Remove programs from Windows 7 ...

This article is about Windows 7 Features and programs only, not security settings of your computer.

It applies to both the 32 Bit and 64 Bit versions.

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Windows 7 Features - Control Panel not expanded.
How do you set the control panel to show all the items instead of hunting for the item you want to change?

How to expand the Control Panel.
First you go to the top right hand side of the control panel, click on view category then select small or large icons from the menu

Control Panel expanded, small icons.
Now you have a list of all the control panel items, small icons will display in a smaller area and reduce scrolling.

Finding the property you want to change - Programs and Features.
Now you can find the Programs and Features easier.

More tips and techniques in the Windows 7 Ultimate Guide.

Starting the program that installs and removes Windows 7 default Programs and Features.
On the left pane you can add and remove the default Windows programs and features. Click on the 'Turn Windows features on or off' and the installer program will load.

The unexpanded list of Programs and Features.
The list of programs or features, to remove one, clear the check box, to add an additional program check the open box.

To expand Programs and Features click on the plus signs on each catagory.
You can expand the main category by clicking on the + and then add or remove the subcategories.

Expanded catagories, some are alread unchecked ready to be removed from the computer.
Once you have selected or deselected you items click on the ok button or cancel if you change your mind.

All done with your selections? Click on the ok button or cancel.
Note the Print and Document Services, this is where you set the type of printer you want to use. Network printers are LPR Port, if you do not turn on the monitor (used to be Print Spooler) then you will not be able to connect to a network shared printer.

The Windows Installer will add or remove the programs.

Removing the unwanted / unused programs.

Memory usage before removing the programs was 449 Meg.

After restart the memory usage has gone down.
Now it is 369 meg, saving 70 or so meg of memory for other programs!

Next I open up the gpedit.msc, there are some things that I would like the OS stop doing, such as Autoplay, the biggest reason for turning off Autoplay is that it is a security risk, another is the pop up is annoying. I haven't counted the GPO's in Windows Seven yet, but by expanding the listing I can see there are a lot more than those that came with say XP.

Use extream care when enabling and disabling GPO's!
See this list for GPO entries that can be turned off safely - Windows 7 Features Group Policy Settings.

Windows 7 Features it was Add/Remove Programs in previous versions of Windows.

At the bottom of the left navigation pane is a category for All Settings, instead of going to each category and searching

New to Windows 7?
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through the subcategories you can see them all here, nice feature. So you just scroll down to the setting you want to enable, disable or set as 'Not Configured'. A warring about GPO's - Setting a GPO to enabled or disabled may have side effects, that is a service may rely on one or more items that the GPO is for. Read the description of the GPO, read it twice, MS words things in a way that what you think you are doing is the opposite in some cases.

At the end of both the Machine and User listing there is a new list - All Settings, very nice.
After removing programs and setting some of the GPO's to disabled the memory usage is down to 369 Meg, it will be lower when the excessive services are turned off, should be around 270 meg.

Not bad considering it was at 580+ Meg when I started.

There are more tips and techniques in the Windows 7 Ultimate Guide.

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