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Windows 7 Emergency Repair Disk - ERD

You will need an emergency repair disk (ERD) to work on Windows 7 Operating System files... because you risk corruption of the file system with older ERD versions.

Do you have Windows 7 / 8 / 10 installed on a computer?

Do you have a Windows Seven / Eight / or 10 Emergency Repair Disk - ERD for your home computer repairs?

A problem I ran in to with my wife's laptop and not having a ERD for Windows 7 32 bit (I made one with the Windows 7 RC but it got scratched - DOH!) and my XP ERD would not work for restoring from a restore point.

So I had to fiddle around and figure out a way to create an ERD for Windows 7 32 bit.

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What I did was use one of my VM (Virtual Machine) with Windows 7 32 bit loaded on it to make an ISO image then burned the image with my desktop (XP) cd burning program.

Clearly you need this; how do you create a Windows 7 ERD for your home computer repair?

By using the backup program built in to the OS.

  1. In the control panel go to the Backup and Restore Icon, when it opens on the left side is the link to 'Create a system image' and 'Create a system repair disc'.

  2. Click on the Create a system repair disc link and you are ready.

  3. Select the drive that you can burn a cd/dvd with if you have more than one.

  4. Load in your blank cd/dvd and press the 'Create disc' button.

  5. The program will look for the files it needs on you System drive, if you don't have those files it will prompt you for the install disk.

  6. Then it will write the files to the blank cd/dvd along with the boot sectors.

  7. When it is done a window will pop up 'Open folder to view files using Windows Explorer'. I suggest you look at that folder, do not add any files to the folder, they will not be written to the disk because the session is closed and the disk is no longer writeable.

  8. Label it, then test it! (It took me two tries to get a good image/cd.)

Better to have the Emergency Repair Disk -ERD in your IT tool box than to need it and have to do a work around, just sayin'     :(

Imagine if you need more than the few generic tools Microsoft gives you; then you need to look at this:

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It would behoove you to make an image (backup) of your Windows Operating System install as soon as possible after installation. DO NOT rely on the "restore points" for your recovery.

The file system for Vista and newer Windows Operating Systems are prone to corruption, MS disavows any knowledge of this problem and may continue to do so, backup and backup frequently will save your data and you a lot of time!

However if you don't have the time or skills to build your own custom ERD click here!

Emergency Repair
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Repair Disk

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