Is Win 7 / 8 /10 A
Continuation of Vista?


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Is Windows 7 / 8 /10 another Vista?

Using Windows 7? Takes some getting used too, no? Now Windows 10...

Your opinion on Windows Seven / Eight / now 10?

Mine is yes, in some respects.

My experience with Windows 7 dates back to the third beta version.

It was not a pleasant experience, normally beta (test) versions don't work very well. That is expected, as a member of a Joint Development Program (JDP) between Microsoft and a major company I know all too well what is to be expected from a beta version of an Operating System.

Still it was a bit disconcerting when main portions of the Operating System (OS) would not operate or the dang thing wouldn't even load on the hardware specified by MS!

So as the OS progressed through it's stages of growing from one beta version to the next things started looking up and it begin to work (for the most part).

Once MS had a stable OS they released what is called the Release Candidate (RC), for the first time a major software publisher released the RC to the public with a short life time. (Like shareware with a time out, the first RC was only good for 90 days).

Then once Windows 7 was up to expectations and all the bugs fixed (as reported by the public) the OS went in to production.

MS has made some mistakes over the years, some were very detrimental to MS in the public's view, which in turn hurts MS's bottom line.

Such as Windows 3.0, this OS had so many problems that MS released a new OS with in three months called Windows 3.1 and it was a free upgrade for anyone who purchased Windows 3.0.

Over all I would give Windows 7 a grade of D+ maybe a C.


First because of the file structure, Microsoft has been pushing it's file structure towards objects since the introduction of Windows 2000 (Objects originally begin in the mid 1990's when MS had a joint experimental program with IBM in development with the OS/2 program. )

How does that relate to you?

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Well in a normal sense it doesn't. For those that work on computers and Operating Systems for a living it adds more complexity to our work.

You see instead of a file being a text name with an extension in a small table it is now an "object" in a data base. This data base adds more "features" to the file for your manipulation but it creates more overhead for the OS which in turn uses more memory and processor time.

This also adds to the fragmentation of your hard drive. When file names were just 8 characters long with the extension that indicated the program that would use the file the overhead in the file table was very small, in most cases less than a meg of space. Now the Master File Table (MFT) is over fifty meg and on very large drive approaches a gig or more of space.

This large file structure that is changed frequently can lead to corruption of the file and in MS excellent wisdom there is not a backup of the MFT! Nor can you back it up in the normal sense, such as when you do a scheduled backup of your data.

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So what is your experience with Windows 7 / 8 / 10's new file system? Lost any files? Can't figure out what they are talking about when you get an "Object not found" error?

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