Intel vs AMD processor?


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Intel vs AMD processor?

Is there an Intel vs AMD war?

Why an Intel processor over an AMD (Advanced Micro Devices) processor?

There are a few reasons. Price isn't one of them. One is the leading edge of development in the micro/nana technology is at Intel. AMD does do research and development but they lag behind Intel in most respects. The race does not have an end in sight but one that has lost a contestant, Motorola.

Intel vs AMD

AMD was brought into the processor manufacturing business by Intel back in the 1980's. Intel could not keep up with the demand for the 8086/8088 processors so instead of farming it out overseas they farmed it out to AMD. Unfortunately there was a suit by Intel against AMD over the 286 and 386 processors claming that AMD reverse engineered the processor to design their versions of the processor. That is history this is now.

AMD seems to have a slight advantage when it comes to speed, this however has a draw back, a very large draw back - HEAT. All AMD processors will run at a higher operating temperature than a comparable Intel processor.  (See the footnote below).

Heat has a detrimental effect on devices regardless of who manufactures them. Even with more than adequate cooling the AMD processor will not last as long as an Intel processor. The cost difference between the two processors will not compensate for the increase in your electric bill, the increase in power consumption to drive the processor means an increase in your power bill.

From a personal view point as a computer repair tech and systems admin I have seen AMD processors fail.

Back in the 1950's there was a saying about being Nuked: "Glow in the Dark!"

This applies to an AMD? processor; the power consumption on AMD processors is higher than Intel™ processors, thus the higher operating temperature and with out massive heat sinks and cooling they will fail and do...

At one time I had the responsibility for over 150 servers in a Data Center. The company I worked for insisted on Intel systems. There are always mavericks in all walks of life. I inherited the support for five servers that were AMD systems, over about four years I watched them die off, two actually melted the heat sinks to the processors. One I am not sure if the processor or the power supply killed it, it caught fire.

There is an old axiom: "Buy cheap, Get cheap."

If you buy an AMD system today you will be buying another one in the near future.

Then again AMD may figure out how to obtain their high clock speed with out consuming so much power that the heat sink glows in the dark.......... maybe.

I explain why AMD processors run so much hotter (and will continue to do so) in my new book - Self Computer Repair Unleashed! 2nd Edition E-Book. - in the section on Overclocking ... Self Computer Repair Unleashed! 2nd Edition Manual.

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