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Virtual Computer - Use As An Emergency Computer?

A Virtual computer is really useful, but for an emergency computer?

A while back I wrote some articles on Virtual computing, Virtual Drives (RAM Disks), Virtual CD/DVD drives, Virtual Machines, and other things you can do with "Virtual Devices" to keep the wear and tear down on your hardware.

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I am a firm believer in using a virtual environment to test software, from games to applications to Operating Systems. (Sometimes you have to use hardware to find out if the stuff will actually work on your particular computer).

I read an article a some time ago about using a VMWare Virtual Machine or other Virtual Computers as an emergency computer. Where is that bookmark ... ahhh,  it is here Virtual Computers [Sorry, the website is no longer available...].

This is an interesting idea, but you will have to take it with a grain or two of salt.

You see if you decide to do this the only thing it is good for is the computer you made the VM image on, making a VM or other Virtual Computers, putting it on a Pen/Flash drive and having it in your pocket when your friends computer dies will not help you.

Nope it is only good for the computer you make the VM for such as your PC or Laptop not Mom's, or Dad's, or anyone else's, unless, yup you guessed it they have a computer exactly like yours.

So is it a good idea or just another geek thing to brag about?

After messing with this for two weeks and three computers I have came to the conclusion:

  1. I am extremely dumb [some people think so by the way].
  2. I am missing something when I read the docs.
  3. I don't have enough geek in me to do this.
  4. The article is someone's pipe dream and it does not work.

I am picking D because this is what I did:

  • I downloaded VM Ware's Converter and Player.
  • With the Converter I made an image of my tower computer [my main computer].
  • At the end of the process the program had an error.
  • I deleted the image, turned of all services/programs that normally run on the tower.
  • I made a second image, it also failed.
  • I restarted the computer and went in to Safe Mode, the image failed also.
  • So just for the heck of it I decided to load the image in VM Ware version 6.5, it will not load.
  • Next I try the program on my laptop that has XP loaded, it fails and VM Ware 7.0 will not load the image.
  • Last chance, I try the program on my Wife's Windows 7 i5 processor laptop using VM Ware 7.0, same results.
  • So I am wondering if I have a bad copy of the program: VMware-converter-all-4.3.0-292238.exe
  • I download the program from VM Ware's web site to the Windows 7 laptop and try again. It fails ...
  • So I think that someone had a dream and wrote the article because if a program fails on three separate computers then it will not work on yours either.

Note: I thought about trying the Linux version but the installation (third one) on my laptop will not allow me to load programs with out paying for the root password. Wrong answer ... So I don't know if a Linux VM image will run or not.

So there you have at my attempt to get Geeky ...


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A Virtual Computer as an bootable USB emergency OS? I think not...

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