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Video Failure, Testing The Device

Video failure no display on the monitor is obvious but what if the display is scrambled or off center?

Video failure testing for a desktop will be slightly different than testing a laptop.

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Because laptops have a built in video display and are easy to move around testing the embedded video will be easier and faster than a desktop.

With a desktop you can either take the computer to a different monitor, bring a different monitor to the computer;  if it is a  card take it out, then test it in a different computer.

Desktop display troubleshooting:

Both add on and embedded devices check -

  • Power to monitor, is it on?
  • Cable, is it connected to both monitor and computer?
    • Disconnect both ends, check for bent, missing pins, ok?
    • Reconnect.
  • Add on card, is it fully seated in the slot?
  • Power on, did it come on?
  • Yes, fixed.
  • No, check the video card either in another computer or in the case of an embedded device attach another monitor.
  • If the add on video or embedded device doesn't display on a second monitor then it has failed.

In the case of the add on card replace it.

In the case of the embedded video device you can put an add on card in an empty slot until you can replace the motherboard

Note: If you use an add on card when an embedded video device fails be sure to go in to the BIOS and disable the embedded video.

When testing Video failure Observe ESD

Laptop troubleshooting:

  • Full power down, remove the battery and the AC adapter, leave AC adapter disconnected for at least five minutes.
  • Plug in the AC adapter (with battery still removed)
  • Power up the laptop.
  • If the video comes up then the problem is resolved.
  • If the video doesn't come up go to the next step.
  • With a laptop you have the option of connecting the computer to an external monitor.
  • If you have an external monitor connect it to the laptop.
  • You may have to use the Fn and a key (look at the function keys for a key that has two monitor icons) to cycle through the settings for video:
    • Internal monitor only (laptop display)
    • Internal and external monitor
    • External monitor only

If you cycle through all the Fn key presses and the external monitor does not respond then the embedded video device has failed, you will have to replace the motherboard in the laptop.

For both computers you could use a remote control program to see if the Operating System is actually starting, once the OS is started you should (if you have the correct user ID and Password for the Administrator or have administrative rights) be able to connect remotely through a network connection.

Once connected you could use the Device Manager to look at the display and video device properties, I have done this in the past, it just confirms the testing.

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