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Upgraded Ram, Now Computer Constantly Rebooting Itself.

Upgraded ram and now the computer is restarting uncommanded... Seriously?

This is not the same as the Operating System in a startup loop, the computer goes in to the startup sequence but never reaches the point where the hard drive is initialized.

You changed the memory in your computer but it will not start?

Now this one is very interesting from a Detective point of view, like "Who Shot Roger Rabbit".

When your computer goes in to a restart/reboot loop something is not completing the initialization, it could be a connection gone to ground or a memory module in the wrong slot or miss matched memory speeds.

Lets take the idea of some thing "gone to ground" first. What this means is the hot or positive connection has a straight path to the ground or negative side of the power supply. Normally when the power supply is shorted it will shut down, there isn't a circuit breaker in the power supply. There used to be a fuse that would blow but now there are "fusible links" these are the same material as a fuse but not in a glass case but covered with a heavy heat shrink wrapper.

For the fusible link to melt the amperage through the link has to high enough to heat it up, that would be about five to ten amps. This keeps the power supply from catching on fire. Remember: There ARE NO useable parts in a power supply. If you think the power supply is bad then get a new one! Do NOT under any circumstance OPEN a power supply. The caps inside the power supply have sufficient stored voltage/amperage to kill you! (If you are a qualified electrician then you will know why I say this!)

Upgraded ram -

Note: You need to know if your memory is Single, Dual, or Triple Channel. This will define how you put your memory in the slots.

  • Single, fill the slots from Primary slot till all slots are filled or you run out of memory.
  • Dual, the slots will be two or three colors, fill the Primary first then the second slot of the same color.
  • Triple, fill the Primary, then the second, then third of the same color.

If you have Dual Channel memory and are using it on a Single Channel motherboard this may be the problem, however I have not seen a motherboard that has the slots for Dual channel memory that was a Single Channel motherboard.

So you check your upgraded ram first, remove all the modules, look at the connectors, any burnt? Any miss aligned or missing? If all the module connectors look ok then you put one module it the primary slot.

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Are the memory modules the same speed? That is are they all 400, 800, 1066 MHz, or higher? If you have a mix of speeds try the newest memory first. Do not mix the speed of the memory that is don't use 800 and 1066 memory on a single channel motherboard. You can mix speeds on a Dual Channel motherboard but the faster memory will be limited to the speed of the lower memory, that is 800 MHz in one channel and 1066 MHz in the second will result in all the memory running at 800 MHz.

Testing the upgraded ram for failure:

Test one module at a time. Where is the primary slot? Some motherboards have the Primary marked on the motherboard. If not you will have to check the manual that came with the motherboard/computer from the manufacture. If you don't have a manual check the manufacture's web site for documentation.

  1. After making sure the memory module is seated, put the case cover back on, then power up the computer.
  • Still restarting?
  • If it is starting normally, power down, remove that module, set it aside, it is good.
  • If it is restarting remove the module, set it aside, it is suspect.
  1. Try another memory module.
  • Still restarting?
  • If it is starting normally, power down, remove that module, set it aside, it is good.
  • If it is restarting remove the module, set it aside, it is suspect.
  1. Any more memory modules? Try another memory module.
  • Still restarting?
  • If it is starting normally, power down, remove that module, set it aside, it is good.
  • If it is restarting remove the module, set it aside, it is suspect.
  1. Use all the modules, how many made the computer restart?
  • None -then the problem is either another memory slot or some other component has gone to ground
  • One - that is the one making the computer restart.
  • Two - I would suspect the slot, try the check list again with the Secondary slot, try all the modules.

If you go through all the upgraded ram modules and slots and the computer still restarts I would suspect the motherboard has an internal short or there is a different problem with one of the attached devices.

Question: Did you see the movie "Who Shot Roger Rabbit"? Who did it?

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