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Upgrade Blues for a Laptop...

An upgrade can be low cost or turn out to be quite expensive...

Do you have an older laptop?

No not one of the newer HP's, Dell's, or even Apple (Apple hardware is the same as for Windows or Linux, it is only the OS that is different since Apple changed from Motorola to Intel for the processor/chip sets).

What I am talking about a laptop that is over four to five years old.

Parts are getting scarce, memory, and hard drives are starting to fail and replacements are harder to find.

Then the power supply, the AC adapter, or battery dies. Where you going to find parts?

Well you could always buy a new laptop but with money being in short supply, a $150 - $200 repair is a heck of lot less than say $600 - $1000 a new laptop costs today.

Why upgrade laptop components?

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Maybe you have the need to speed up your laptop. If you have done the optimization, memory, and hard drive  improvements and it is still slow then maybe a faster processor is in order?

In my experience of improving the hardware and fixing computers you need to be wary of where you purchase your replacement parts.

Where to find quality upgrade laptop parts?

I could go though a list of good places to go to or bad places to stay away from, instead I will tell you what I do when I search for new or replacement parts:

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When I find a web site that has the part or parts, I do a search on the web site name. If anyone has had any problems with the products or the company they will post somewhere what their experience was.

My web site has some good and some bad reviews of companies and products I have bought. There are also blogs where people tell their stories.

A short guideline I use:

  1. Always check the warrantee or guarantee of the product.
  2. Check the return policy for the company.
  3. Check their RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) for what can be returned and what has to go back to the manufacture ( will not take a motherboard back once the package is opened. I had to send a motherboard back to ASUS to be replaced when it failed).
  4. The lowest price may not be the best product for your needs. (I bought a battery for my T-30, it did not fit the bay, the company I bought it from would not take it back! Wasted $75 on that battery from
  5. If you are a tech and this is the first time dealing with a company ask your co-workers for their opinion. If you are not a tech and are a DIY'er ask any techs you know about the company, you may be surprised at some responses.

If you are an eBay shopper then get a guarantee from the seller before parting with your money (see the line about a battery for my T-30, that was from eBay).

Bottom line is be careful of where you buy parts.

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