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Build a Custom Computer or
Upgrade the One You Already Have...
Are you looking for step by step instructions?

What Would You Do?

  • Is your current computer too slow?
  • Can't run the latest and greatest software?
  • Your friends laugh at your Model-T?
  • Video resolution too low for your game?
  • Not enough space on your hard drive?

These are a few of the reasons to want a new computer.

Now for the bad news - Cost! How much is it going to cost you if you go to the local electronics store and buy a brand name or even a no name computer? If you added up the cost of all the parts you would need to upgrade your current computer or build a higher quality computer that you were drooling over in the electronics store it would be less than half the cost.

Why? Labor!

Even when the computers are made in a far away country the cost of labor and shipping adds up. And guess what? I know where the labor is FREE! Yup free labor, look in the mirror.

Now don't get me wrong here, the idea isn't building a super low cost pc, although that can be done, but a high quality computer that will out last the current crop of the 'Latest and Greatest' by five years or more. (And how do I know that? My tower case is over 15 years old, motherboard is four years old, the newest part is a 2 GB Seagate Barracuda HD, and it will run Windows 10 with out problems...)

How do you build a custom computer or upgrade the one you have you ask?

Well you could do a lot of searching on the web, the information is all there, all over the place, all jumbled up, and mostly in geek jargon. There are some special forums (like my Build a Custom Computer with DIY Insiders section sorry it is closed down for now) that will give you all the hints and help you need to do either job.

How ever I have written a couple of guides that will help you through the rough spots and give you insight to things you will not find on the internet and in some special forums.

These two e-books have over 30 pages and over 30 illustrations. They walk you through the process of building or upgrading the computer step by step from how to select the right parts for your new computer to the final step of making it faster than a pre manufactured computer.

Why go the 'roll your own' route?

  • First and for most is the cost savings of upgrading or build a custom computer.
  • When you are done you have an upgrade path that for most pre manufactured computers is not there. Pre manufactured computers are very proprietary in the parts and case when they are designed, most are very limited on the parts that can be upgraded.
  • Higher quality parts for your new computer, this is where the manufactures fall down - low quality parts.
  • Bragging rights, no more Model-T!

What is in the Build a custom Computer or Upgrade books?

  • All the steps to either build a custom computer or upgrade your existing pc.
  • The steps necessary to install the Operating System when the hardware build is complete.
  • The steps on how to optimize the Operating System to get the highest performance from the Operating System and the new hardware.
  • A handy troubleshooting guide to assist you if something goes wrong.
  • Both with a 30 Day unconditional Guarantee

Monte Russell Owner/Author of this web site DIY Computer Repairs publications! Hi,

My name's Monte Russell, and I own I'm a certified Computer Technician with over 25 years of computer repair experience.

In my career as a computer and networking engineer I've repaired thousands and thousands of computers. There's nobody who knows them better than I do, and that's why I can help you.

Get one or both!

Upgrade Your Computer E-Book

For those that want to keep some of their existing parts and case, a how to select the right motherboard, processor, memory,  hard drive, video, sound, or network card to complete the upgrade. A guide assist you in all the steps to upgrade all the way to optimizing the OS. A handy guide for troubleshooting computer problems also. Best for the intermediate or advanced computer user.

What If Upgrading Your Own Computer, was easy as...

This 32 page Essential Upgrade Guide is Guaranteed to help you upgrade your computer. This is a E-Book that will assist you through the upgrade process great for the first timer and even if you are a pro.

  • Upgrade your computer to make it load faster, run faster, open files faster.

  • Comprehensive step by step instructions, no guessing.

  • Upgrade instead of buying a completely new computer.

  • Over 30 color illustrations to guide you every step of the way to a faster computer

Digital Download, a PDF, NOT a Hard Copy Book!

                     Just $17.00!

Build a Custom Computer E-Book

A more extensive e-book than the Upgrade Your Computer E-book. Build a Custom Computer walks you through all the steps necessary to accomplish the job of building a new computer. Best for the novice, intermediate, or advanced computer user. A handy guide for troubleshooting computer problems.

Is your computer an Asset or a Liability? Build a Custom Computer guide, all the steps to build a custom PC. Over 75 pages to help you build your custom computer the right way!

Find out why the computer manufactures want to keep you in their pocket.

  • Ever wonder how much it really costs to build a computer? Why you can build your own at a substantial savings? It is all in the guide.
  • Over 150 color illustrations and images from opening the first package to the completed computer ready to use.

Digital Download, a PDF, NOT a Hard Copy Book!

                 Just $17.00!

My 30 day money back guarantee...

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Build a Custom Computer

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