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TV on Your Computer? The headline says it all is a scam.

Most of these are scams and rip offs, low quality, and very few channels to chose from ...

There are times when you would like TV on Your Computer.

The add -

"Watch Over 2000 TV Channels
From Anywhere in the World - On YOUR PC!
Throw away your satellite and cable subscription service!

"Watch TV On Your PC" will work on practically ANY desktop computer or laptop. So long as you're running ANY version of Microsoft Windows, you're ready to go!"

The name of the TV on Your PC:

The rip off -

You can only watch the TV stations they provide, which if you wanted to do so you could do by going to the web site of your choice and download the TV and use any media player installed on your computer!

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I am going to travel soon and decided that it would be nice to keep up with the NASA space program while on the road. Some hotels and motels don't have all the TV stations, just what they provide but a lot of them now provide wireless or Wi-Fi for free.

I did a search and found three programs that said 'Watch TV on your PC!' and over 2000 channels! Yup they were right in those two respects.

The program I am writing about is a scam. They only provide free TV channels. They 'say' you can add your own channels by entering the url of the channel provider.

It does not work. After a week of back and forth with 'Tech support' about one channel BBC in the UK I decided I wanted my  money back.

Not only they would not refund my money they blocked my request from Pay Pal to receive my $14.95 back.

So don't waste your money on the

Throw away your satellite and cable subscription service! And your money!

How I rate this service:

I give TV on Your Computer a rating of  0 (ZERO!).

All the channels they advertise are free. None of the channels provide any Prime Time programming. Most of the channels are either local government channels of the 25 I checked it was just a logo of the channel.

When I tried to add NASA and the UK BBC channels to the program it came back with URL not found.

After emailing the company's tech support for a week (no telephone number) - having to wait at over 24 hours for a response (two were over 48 hours) and trying to determine what the person was trying to tell me I asked for a refund. No response.

To get a refund I lodged a complaint against the company through Pay Pal. They blocked my refund by escalating the complaint to my credit card company. I will have to wait 75 days for a response from my CC.

Buyer beware!

Note: After the 75 day wait I have still not received my money back!

There are two other services I may try in the near future.

Update 03/02/20 - Large cable networks such as FOX, NBC, and a few others offer a "go" services such as or Both of these services are in conjunction with a cable provider such as DISH, DirecTV, or other cable subscription service.

However their ads (on tv or web page)  are erroneous they say: "Watch anywhere on any device!" Sorry Charley Not TRUE! Only in the USA and only some programming in Canada. I travel to the UK every 2 years or so, I would like to keep up NASCAR and IMSA racing: NOT Available OUTSIDE THE USA!

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