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Power supply troubleshooting - or as the techies / geeks say: PSU

Power supplyTo use the check list you read the problem, then run down the list until you fix the problem. This is called a fall through check list.

PSU troubleshooting instructions:

There are two types of power problems.

  • No power at outlet or no power at mother board.
  • You go to power up your system and you get nothing.

Probable causes are:

  • Power cord disconnected
  • No power at wall outlet or power strip off, may have a blown fuse or it has failed.
  • Power supply has failed.

PSU troubleshooting Steps:

  • Check power cord pulled loose from computer or electrical socket.
  • No power at wall outlet, check socket with another electrical device.
  • Power strip off? or has the built in circuit breaker popped?

(If the power strip circuit breaker is not the problem don't mess with the strip, purchase a new one, throw the old one away, cut the power strip power cord off, then someone else can't use it.)

Note: I say power strip here but what you should have is what is called a "surge suppressor" See this page for more information on surge suppressors.

Still no power?

When PS troubleshooting  Observe ESD!

The following check requires you to open your computer case.

Trace down the power connection from the power supply to the mother board. Check the connection to the mother board, disconnect it then reconnect it. Check the other power connectors to the hard drive and CD ROM.


Power Supply has failed.

For more troubleshooting techniques and checklists to assist you in your repairs see the Self Computer Repair Unleashed! 2nd Edition Manual Self Computer Repair Unleashed! 2nd Edition E-Book..

Caution: Do NOT open the power supply! It has no user salvageable parts! Only a QUALIFIED electrician should do work on a power supply. A "dead" or non operational power supply has the potential of having electoral energy stored in the capacitors, that energy is enough to seriously harm or kill you.

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Power supply troubleshooting

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