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Norton Anti Virus Software is a has been but is no longer great AV...

Can you afford to not have AV software?

Anti virus software, everyone has to have it, the rub is which is better at stopping a virus from infecting and destroying or stealing your data?

One offering is the Symantec AV Software, this product has been around for a long time originally developed by Peter Norton in the late 1980's then sold off to Symantec then merged with Microsoft the product has improved little over the years.

Norton Anti Virus Software was the baseline for anti virus, it had the largest data base of known virus signatures. (a signature is the code of the virus that starts the process of infecting your data).

I have personal experience with the installation and use of this product. It was fairly easy to install either the personal version or the Enterprise version. I have seen this product detect and remove viruses from computers. The email function was one of the best features.

Quote Symantec web site:

"Detects and removes viruses and spyware
virus-infected emails from spreading
Includes protection updates and new product features as available throughout the renewable service period
Platforms: Windows XP Home/XP Pro/Windows Vista"

It is not cheap, however how much is your data, identity, and safety of your family or business worth?

You will find more information on computer viruses in the Self Computer Repair Unleashed! 2nd Edition E-Book..


Product overall: I would rate this product 5 out of 10.

Symantec AV Software has gone from a nice stand alone program to a bloated "Security Suite" this bloat in fact will slow your computer to a crawl, use up hard drive space and because it is now a "Jack of all, Master of none" does a poor job of stopping or eradicating known viruses.

My thoughts: With the trend of going from stand alone programs to security suites for most major AV programs your best defense is to find single AV type programs, a program designed to specifically eradicate one type of virus such as a trojan virus will do a better job and over all with the three or four programs you need the cost will be lower, the memory and processor usage will be lower.

Depends on what you consider has the higher value: Your data or your money...

I no longer recommend this program as it has surely lost its way like so many programs that Microsoft buys ...

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