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Computer Management - Storage

Storage in the Computer Management console allows you to control and use it efficiently.

It is broken down into three parts: Removable, Disk Defragmenter, and Disk Management.

Removable Storage is any media that you can remove from the system while it is operating including but not limited to: CD's, Tapes, external drives. If you want to use this tool you can categorize your cd's, make 'pools' for them. If you have a tape drive attached to your computer this is the tool you would use if you do not have a third party backup program installed. This tool along with the built in backup program will allow you to catalog, erase, and test your tapes.

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Removable Storage in the left column.

Disk Defragmenter is a process that will defrag your hard drive(s). This tool is used to defrag your volumes. It is fairly easy to use and is of moderate quality, most third party defrag programs will do a better job but after all it is free. As you can see from the graphic the drive should be defraged because the files in red are fragmented. Defragmenting your drive will increase the performance when opening or closing files.

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Disk Defrag - After Anakyze

Note: It is extremely tempting to runs this utility on a SSD - Solid State Drive - I urge you to suppress that notion: If you defragment a SSD you WILL corrupt the data to a point where the drive is useless and takes some work to make the drive useful again. YOUR DATA WILL BE DESTROYED!

Disk Management is where you find the properties of a drive, or partition, format, change drive letters of a drive. With this tool you can: create a partition, create a volume, change a drive letter, delete a volume, delete a partition, or format a drive.

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If you do not have a RAID Array in your computer you can take all the dissimilar drives and make a larger volume with them. At one time (I did have a tape backup) I had six smaller drives ranging from 120 GB to 300 GB when combined I had over 1 TB of capacity in one volume. When one of the drives failed I removed them and added one 1 TB drive then restored the data. It is a good idea to do frequent backups if you are inclined to combine smaller drives to make a larger volume for your data.

You can also use this program to get the properties of a particular drive. It has some low level information that the propitiates of a drive from 'My Computer' doesn't have such as the manufacture, the bios name of the drive, and some drive characteristics. A very handy tool for working with your hard drives.

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Disk Storage - Menu drop down


And one last thing, as with most [using this term loosely] Microsoft products putting the mouse pointer in some white space, and pressing F1 will bring up "Help".

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