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SSD for your Laptop or Solid State Drive, and stop worrying about a hard drive crash!

SSD for your notebook good or bad idea?

Replace your hard drive with a SSD for your laptop? Yes indeed!

I read a report on a blog where a guy replaced his hard drive with a SSD (Solid State Drive). The drive he picked was a 32 Gig OCZ drive that I wrote a review for in my hardware section. He said that it took almost three hours to complete the install of Windows XP on his new drive.

That may be true, I do not doubt that it will take a long time to install an Operating System on the older SSD drives due to the write speed is about third of the speed a mechanical drive.

A SSD for your laptop is possible and in some cases cheaper than a replacement hard drive incase you have a hard drive failure.

What I decided to do is build a network in my RV  and because this is a vehicle and the computers will be in a rack that is not as shock proof as a notebook on your lap while you are using it in a car I am going to use SSD for my storage. No moving parts, shock resistant to 1500 G's, and lower power consumption. I will not be relying on the notebook battery but the generator in the RV only supplies 6000 watts so the less power draw by computers the better.

Note: You can make an image of the old mechanical drive partitions and then transfer those images to your SSD for your notebook. Be sure to set the boot partition to Active! (For more help see the ad to the left). To make that backup image how are you going to start your computer? An ERD would be the best choice and you can make it yourself, for more information click here.

This article only shows the SSD's for the T-22 notebooks. I have since installed a 64 Gig SSD in my tower computer and my business T-30 notebook. I find after doing this, I find that the T-30 takes about fifteen seconds to start, if I turned off the diagnostics (memory count and BIOS Post messages) it would boot in five seconds. This is almost instant on!

SSD for your Laptop? Here is how I did three of mine...

The IBM T-22 with the SSD 32 Gig drive before installation.

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SSD drive and the laptop that it will be installed in.

To accomplish this SSD for my Laptops task I have two constraints:

  • Speed - needs to be above 40MB/s write speed

  • Cost - Needs to cost less than a replacement mechanical drive for the computer.

For the cost factor only two SSD at 32 Gig came close, I chose the Transcend 32 Gig, 2.5" IDE drive TS32GSSD25-M at less than $50 each.

The speed of these drives is 47MB/s , this is not as fast as a mechanical drive.

I am installing these drives in an IBM T-22 and an IBM T-23. One will be my Domain Controller and the other will be my Firewall and Proxy server.

The 32 Gig SSD drive as it comes out of the box. The heat sink and protective cover is installed

The image, table, or PDF was removed because it will not display on your device. Check back on a PC....

The SSD with the heat sink and protecive cover installed.

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The 32 Gig is installed in the T-22, I did not reinstall the OS I made an image of the old partitions and then placed the images on the new drive, before I put the image on the drive I made a 15 Gig partition and set it to Active, then I put the image on the drive. The image is on an external USB hard drive. It took almost 30 minutes to put the image on the SSD. This is pretty close to a mechanical drive. It took almost 25 minutes to make the image on the USB drive.

The system started up with out any problems what so ever

The heat sink and protective cover.

The image, table, or PDF was removed because it will not display on your device. Check back on a PC....

Heat sink and protective cover on the SSD.

The second 32 Gig is installed in the T-23, it was also an image and not a fresh install.

On the left is the original 40 Gig drive that came with the T-23, all in all the drive has lasted for a long time and now gets a well deserved rest. I will keep it as a spare. On the right is the new 32 Gig SSD with the bezel installed ready to insert in to the slot.

The image, table, or PDF was removed because it will not display on your device. Check back on a PC....

 On the left the old mechanical drive on the right the new SSD with bezel and heat sink installed.

Inserting the drive in the bay, then I will partition the drive in to four partitions, one for the swap file, one for the web site that will be on the computer, and one for apps  that I keep on all computers.

The image, table, or PDF was removed because it will not display on your device. Check back on a PC....

Installing the SSD in the computer bay.

Job done, I have all three laptops ready to go in to the rack that I am building for the RV.

SSD for your Laptop? I've done some of mine - Your turn! :)

Most laptops only have one mass storage drive bay, this means that you can not add a second SSD to those laptops with only one bay.

However you could utilize the USB feature on some Solid State Drives and use a second drive as an external drive. May want to read the review below first though ...

Here is a review you may be interested in, I needed an external drive, so I decided that I would use a SSD because they now come with a usb connector also. Read what happened when I decided to not follow my own advice.

See this page SSD for your Laptop for troubleshooting procedures if you already have a SSD installed.

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This is a free guide to help you get a new hard drive or SSD installed...

Update 02/26/20 - The RV site was shutdown a while back due to several factors, the main one was lack of funds [I may revise it some and put it back up] and lack of traffic.

What has no moving parts, will last 1.5 Million hours, can survive a 1500 G force, and store your data?


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