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"Speed up My PC!" are they scams or not? Hummmm....

I don't watch much TV, some news programs (followed the elections), some specials, NASCAR races...

About an hour a night, some times during the day if something important is on the News (the advantage of working from home I guess   Smiling! )

There is nothing like misinformation to get my blood pressure up, and these things target the unsuspecting, why do the TV / Radio networks let these shysters buy time for ads?


Anyway every now and then I see one of those ads for "Speed Up My PC!"

Where you get a bunch of actors saying how good the program is, the one that cracks me up is the "Fix My Pc" where you see the "repair" bar going from 0% to 100% in a couple of seconds... Uh-Huhhh.

And then there are the pop ups when you go to some web sites.

Sheesh they are everywhere (well almost!)

What are they?

Glorified virus and registry scanners! Nothing more.

  • Can they move your PF/Swap file? NO!
  • Can they change where the temp files are stored? NO!
  • Can the set your browser to clear it's history on shut down? NO!
  • Can they do the optimization, you can (if you want to)? NO!
  • Will they make a backup image of your OS partition? NO!
  • Will they set your router to refuse ping requests? NO!

So you pay $39-$95 for what? Something that would take you half an hour or so to do?

You need this in your IT Tool Box! Get yours today...

Troubleshoot, repair, maintain, upgrade & secure...

    With this!

If you really want to clean up your registry then buy a reputable registry cleaning program, pay $30-$40 one time then use it periodically to keep the registry clean.

If you setup your security like this:

  • Anit virus
  • Anti trojan
  • Anti spyware
  • Put a router between your computer(s) and your cable/dsl modem, set the security on the router.
  • Buy a registry cleaner
  • Optimize your OS

Note: I don't recommend any of those all in one security packages like Panda or Norton and now AVG. The cost is higher than individual programs.

  • From my research those programs score lower than individual programs.
  • Individual programs can be customized easier.
  • They use less memory over all than a Security Suite.
  • They have a higher percentage of cleaning a virus from your computer.

Then those "Make My Computer Faster!!" ads will be nothing more than noise or the scam they really are.

[End of rant.]


RAM is the cheapest and most reliable upgrade to make your computer faster. 

You want to  really save a lot of money?

Then DIY!

If you want to explore more on optimization see the How To section of the Self Computer Repair Unleashed 2nd Edition Manual.

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