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Servers - Configuring DNS

Servers - Configuring DNS, You will need a DNS Service with Active Directory if your network is behind a router.

Servers - Configuring DNS - The Domain Naming Service in a Domain

Once you have decided on which server will be your DNS Server you need to install the service. You can either use Add Programs or Configure Your Server applet to install the service. 

Installation is quite easy. Once you have the service installed and have restarted your computer you will need to configure it.

Servers - Configuring DNS Instructions:

Open the service applet, the fist thing you need to do is add a server to the service, normally you would add the server you are working with.

Next you will need to create a 'Zone' for your DNS records to reside in.  Right click on the server, select 'Configure a DNS Server' a wizard will open, click next, select 'Create a forward lookup zone (recommended for small networks...). Click next, leave radio button at 'This server maintains the zone', click next.
Another network service you can install is DNS, this service will enhance your domain.Enter the zone name, this will be the Domain Name! If you use some arbitrary name you will have problems resolving your Domain name suffix! Click next.

On the Dynamic Update page you do not need to change the default UNLESS you have legacy servers/computers on your network! Click next.

On the Forwarders page select 'No, it should not forward queries. Unless you plan on having redundant DNS servers you do not need to forward queries.

The wizard will look for the 'Root Hints' that was installed when you installed the service. Then you get the finish page.

Now all we need to do is configure the records.

If you have selected Dynamic updates the only records you will need to create are non standard records. That is services that require a DNS record such as the WINS service, a Web site, or an E-Mail server, or printers.

To create a record click on the 'Forward Lookup Zones, then right click on the domain name, in the menu select the required function.

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To add a computer that is a legacy OS (such as NT, Win98, or other device like a printer) select 'New Host', put in the name of the device and the IP. (Hint, you can try to resolve the IP by clicking on the 'Resolve' button, the service will try to find the IP of the device, this may not work if the DNS service is new).DNS will make searches for other network devices and domains faster.

To add a web site use the 'Alias (CNAME)' selection.

In the right window of the DNS properties under 'Type' you will see a 'Name Server (NS)'. Open the properties and go to the WINS tab. Click on the box 'Use WINS forward lookup' then add the address of your WINS service server. You need to do this before installing the WINS Service.

Segments of this Servers - Configuring DNS were copied from the Build a Server Guide.

There are more functions the DNS service can provide but are beyond the scope of this document.

I will however point out that you will need to back up your DNS service on a consistent basis, I would suggest you back it to another server or tape.

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Servers - Configuring DNS

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