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Making Your Computer and Data Secure

If you don't secure your computer you have a 100% chance of being hacked!

If you are a reader of my web site you will see all over the place:

"It is your data, to keep it yours, you have to protect it!"

You can stop a thief at your door or you can keep him from finding the door.

Now which one looks like the better option?

Back when I first started working with Windows I went to special seminar my company wanted all of the 'Techs' to attend. It was by Microsoft and the presenter was one of the Senior Engineers. What I took away from that presentation was that Microsoft could write in the code of upcoming versions of Windows the ability to keep hackers out of your computer. Unfortunately MS decided to go cheap, as in development cost and the amount of space needed to install the Operating System. Mute point now, what is a couple hundred meg when we have drives that are a Tetra bit in capacity.

What this means to you is as the owner of the data will have to be more vigilant and close all the holes MS has failed to lock down. Ya, cheap. Oh well gives me something to do.

So how do you close those holes MS has left in the Operating System?

Your first task is to remove the 'Everyone' group from the security of your hard drives. If a hacker can access the Everyone group they can read your hard drive. They can't destroy your data with the Everyone group but they can copy it!

Three ways to secure your data:

  • A router with a built in Firewall
  • Turn off services that are not needed.
  • Disable the GPO's for services and features you do not use or want to run.

Easy enough to say, a little harder to do.

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The first one, the router, is easy. Install it between your computer(s) and your ISP. Then turn off the ping reply and a hacker will never know where you are.

The second one takes more time because you have to go to each service in the Computer Management Console/Services and select the properties of each service then disable it.

The last one is also time consuming. For GPO's you have to run this program: gpedit.msc (as spelled, the bad news it is not loaded on the Home versions of Windows, you have to expand it from the install disk).

For XP I have only published the services and GPO settings in my books, for Vista and Windows 7 / 8 / 10 some of the services and GPO settings (some of these services and GPO's are the same in XP).

If you follow these steps you reduce the likely hood of a thief getting to your data by 95%, the other 5% comes from the anti virus/trojan/spyware/malware programs you chose to install.

With your computer and data are Secure, now you would like your computer to be as fast as possible with the Windows OS installed, then your next step for your building a custom PC is you have to optimize the OS!


Want to block thieves from your computer? See this page about securing your router

There are ways to increase the security of your hard drives

Use this information for GPO settings: click here

 My suggestions for anti virus/trojan/spyware/malware programs.

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