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Screen resolution out of range...

Screen resolution out of range normally is a self induced error...

When you change the properties on your monitor this error comes up: "Screen resolution out of range."


Two reasons why this error will appear if the video card and monitor are not failing:

  • The video card can not display the resolution you have forced it in to. Normally the properties of a video card will only allow you to select those ranges applicable for the card and what the card senses from the monitor.
  • The monitor frequency can not support either the monitor size you have selected, or if you have manually changed the frequency from what the video card has sensed from the monitor.

Some monitors (newer LCD and Plasma) have a safety feature that will not allow you to force the frequency past what the frequency generator on the monitor pcb will generate.

Older or CRT monitors have a larger frequency range than the flat monitor plasma or LCD monitors. Sometimes the range is over thirty or forty HZ, that is from say 50 Hz to 90 Hz. The reason for the large frequency spread is for the size of the monitor resolution in pixels. The range could be from as low as 600x400 to as large as 2048x1972.

If you have a CRT and the owner's manual has the resolution and frequency you are selecting and you get the "Screen resolution out of range" then it is the video card that can not generate the frequency you need to produce the resolution you are trying to achieve, you will have to upgrade your video card.

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Where as a LCD or Plasma flat monitor the resolution spread is fairly small, say from 968x800 to 1280x1024, because the frequency generator for these monitors are controlled by crystals, not a transformer/diode circuit as in a CRT, the range is limited. Another reason the flat monitor LCD and Plasma monitors have a limited frequency range is the crystals in the panel it self. Over driving the crystals by increasing the frequency beyond a certain frequency will burn them out very quickly.

So if you are trying to get a higher resolution on a flat LCD or Plasma monitor and you get the error again you will have to upgrade to a monitor that will support that resolution.

Remember if you overdrive the crystals or the frequency of a CRT it will shorten the life of the device itself and may inflict damage to the video card also.

Some of the newest monitors are HD and that frequency is starting out at 120 Hz, check the maximum frequency of your video card if you are considering a HD monitor!

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Screen resolution out of range is a common error that will help you diagnose video failures.

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