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Why You Have To Do Sales And Be A Marketer

No marketing plan equates to NO sales, and NO transactions means the bottom line is empty as your bank account...

Of all the things a small business owner has to do I find being a marketer and doing marketing copy writing the most distasteful.

My mind doesn't work the way a professional marketer or copy writer does. Nor can I afford to pay the price professional charges to make my product pages. There for I have to struggle along trying to hit the right combination.

Writing product copy isn't the same as talking to a customer on the phone. Even though you are knowledgeable about your business, you can convey that over the phone very easily. Try putting that in to words that convey the message in a convincing and persuasive manner.

Pretty hard isn't it?

Person to person or one on one selling is easy for some people that have "The gift for gab". As a friend of mine says "Selling ice to an Eskimo" is a talent that most people don't have or want. But if you are in the service industry such as computer repair you have to learn how to sell and you need to be able to sell yourself and your business quite well.

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Everyone has been to one of those online product promotion pages where it looks, well, sleazy, the different colors of text, the large bold lettering shouting at you to buy something. Unfortunately some of these techniques work no matter how "cheesy" the text may look. I just can't do it, in my mind when I see one of those pages it says: SCAM...

I am still practicing both the above and probably have a long way to go. It is hard to get over the "I am a Tech, not a salesman" mentality, but I am working on it.

This is a business axiom:

"You receive 20% of your sells from the 80% of your customers all the rest are just looking around." (My marketing friend calls 'em "tire kickers").

Now you have to do a great job at marketing to get that 80% and you have to do an excellent job at selling to get that 20%.

It is possible to get these figures to work for your business but it will take work, lots of work. The main thing to remember is that the pay off of the 20% can be quite lucrative.

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