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Getting into Safe Mode ...

You use the "Safe Mode" to do maintenance on the Operating System, run your anti-virus program, etc...

Sometimes getting in to Safe Mode can be a pain.

With the newer processors and memory your computer is starting so fast that you can not get to the F6 or F8 key soon enough to get to the Boot Menu to select you desired option.

One way to do it is to have one finger over the F6/F8 key when you power up the computer, then start pressing the F6 or F8 key really fast. Doesn't always work, you have to catch the right millisecond when the menu is available other wise it will go in to normal start up.

Another way to do it is modify the startup behavior.

That is modify the Boot sequence where you have the time to press the F6/F8 key and get to the boot menu.

To modify pre Vista Operating Systems such as Windows 2000 or XP is quite easy.

To make the boot sequence longer you only need to increase the 'Time to display list ..." and "Time to display recovery ..." to over 30 seconds the default. This will give you time to press the F6/F8 key and bring up the boot menu. (This doesn't always work either, on my T-30 IBM laptop I hit the Start up menu 6 out of 10 times, on my new ASUS i5 laptop I hit it 1 out of 10 tries). So much for MS's way of doing things.

However if you want the boot menu to display every time you start your computer (my choice) and not have to worry about catching the menu with the F6/F8 key then you need to add the Menu to the boot.ini

You can get to the boot.ini either through the Properties page of 'My Computer' in the Advanced tab. Select 'Settings' in the Startup and Recovery block. Then  Click the 'Edit' button. Or do a search for boot.ini The boot.ini resides in the root directory of the C: or boot drive.

The file will open in notepad, you need to modify the file to have the boot menu display like this:


[boot loader]

Windows 7 has a different Boot Manager but you can modify the time on the Advanced tab on the Properties page of My Computer.

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You could use Microsoft's excellent editor, however you may want to take a couple of courses in advanced digital logic and computer science languages before attempting to use the editor. (Why does MS do this? Unknown, my theory is that MS makes things difficult because they can, customers don't count).

Or you can install a program that does the logic and language translation for your such as a Vista/Windows 7 /8 /10 Boot Manager (I did a review of this program on the Dual Boot page)

Now when you need to get to Safe Mode to do such things as clean out virus, do a repair, and so on you don't have to be super fast. 

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