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Perhaps your have seen this: RSS Feed button or XML Format Feed button and have wondered what these icons mean. They are the RSS Feed icons, more commonly known as a blog.

RSS we see it on web pages, people talk about it. But what is it? RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. This is what the Bloggers use to get their message out. You can use your web browser to read the blogs by subscribing to them when you see the RSS icon.

Or you can use a news reader and have all your favorite blogs in one place. The advantage to the Really Simple Syndication Reader (see link to download this fine program) is you can set a schedule to get all the blogs in one hour, one day, on week, or one month. Any rss feed will work with the RSS Reader, from ABC news to Wall Street, there are hundreds of categories you can chose from. Your favorite web site may have a blog, you can keep up with changes as the webmaster adds new pages or features. You can subscribe to articles with a rss feed, maybe you follow a certain author and he/she has a blog, catch their latest article as it is published.

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The Reader is fairly simple to setup, then subscribe to the feeds. Once you subscribe to your feeds the you can schedule the retrieval of the articles. Set back an read about what is going on with your feeds.

How it works, once you have your reader installed,  go to your favorite web site, find the xml or rss icon, right click on the icon and select "Copy Shotcut" then in the program you click on the "+" sign or "Add" button, the reader will paste the xml code into the text box, you click on next, if the feed is a "valid" feed it will ask you where you want to put the feed name, once it is there then you can schedule how often it updates the feed. Happy blogging!

Link: RSS Reader home page


I am rating this program 9 out of 10.

It is a free program that works with almost but not all feeds, I have came across a couple of feeds that the reader will not log on to. Also it has crashed a couple of times on me, this may be me or my system because at times I have a lot of open windows. So if you are a blog reader or even a poster to blogs this is a fine program with all the features of the high cost programs, I recommend it not because it is free, but because it is a well designed and fairly comprehensive rss reader.

Note: The same publisher has a RSS Publisher, this program will publish your blog, you should research how to publish and have a site to publish to before downloading and setting this program up.

Update 08/25/14 - This fine program is still available and does work however the number of web sites it can access and download articles is diminishing (publisher web site last up dated in 2011), that is too bad because this is a handy program that takes up very little space and uses very little memory...

Update 02/24/20 - I don't know why but when there is an exceptional idea that is nice/easy to use on the web when it becomes popular it seems to get stiffeled or killed off. The RSS is one of these ideas, other types of small. fast, easy to use have readers have given way to large, more "features", harder to use, readers that has had the effect that the RSS feed to read a blog has all but disappeared from the web. The blog "" has a feed but I am not enabling it, hackers have found a way to get into a blog through the port that the feed uses... to bad.


Note 02/24/20 This document is still available on this web site for historical purposes, it shows how far we have came with our digital technology.

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