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You Need A Resume

Writing a resume can be a daunting task at times, once it is done keep it updated...

How can you write your summary when you have just finished a tech school or college?

You can, you know.

You get a template for your summary and fill it in.

List your schools, High School and college.

Were you in the military? List the branch and any tech schools you went to while in training for your career field. (Military training and service will go very far with employers; most will give precedence for service over those that haven't served).

List your part time jobs and the supervisor or owner of the business.

List the sports you played in High School and college if applicable, and list your hobbies.

If you had any outstanding awards such as you were an Eagle Scout or if you medaled in a certain sport mention it. (These activities show that you are willing to work hard for a goal and achieve it).

Next list your work experience, the more you have the better. Be concise, be brief.

The main thing to remember about this document is that it is a record of your life as a student and as an employee. It is not a journal of your life experiences.

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Once you have your document written have other people read it for grammar and punctuation. If you can get your parents or their boss to read it all the better.

Once you have a job be sure to update the document once a year, add on any certifications you have gained during the year. It is hard to remember what you have done five years ago when it comes to those certifications, especially if you loose them.

If you have a problem with the layout of your document check with the local library for text books on writing your summary or ask someone you know for a copy of theirs to use as a template.

By the way a resume is a summary of your past education and work experience so be concise and up to date as possible ...


A friend told me the other day that when he went for a interview for a business loan the loaning institution asked him for his document as part of his business plan. I didn't get a loan to start my business did it on a small amount of savings and a shoe string, a very, very short shoe string! Smile!

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So get that resume up to date!

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