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Windows Server is the most popular Server Operating System in the world, however it may not be the most efficient or the best fit for your needs.

Windows Server and Windows Workstation date back to the early 1990's when Microsoft was in competition with IBM's OS/2 and Novell for a market share of the Server world. Imagine a 1/4 acre of these.... sever racks

Advanced Computer Repair Techniques Servers

Novell had the largest share of installed Server Operating Systems from the mid 1980's when the first version was introduced. Novell's unique approach was to use a Personal Computer instead of a Main Frame or a Mini Computer (such as the IBM Mark IV or a VAX-VM computer).

Novell had the foresight to realize that the PC would be a changing environment because the difference between the then popular IBM AT and the Compaq Deskpro. Both used the new Intel 286 processor and co-processor but the actual architecture of the computer was drastically different.

When Microsoft introduced Windows NT ("NT" supposedly meant "New Technology") the first three versions were less than ready for the average computer owner to use (there weren't any Server Admins in those days); where as with a little help the average computer owner could install a Novell Server Operating System and use it.

Where Novell loses out is the company personnel were from the old Main Frame community and did not realize that they would need to have a workstation to go with the Server OS. This failing would eventually cause most companies to abandon Novell for the Microsoft Windows Server (some would go to Linux later on) because there are few differences between the Windows Server (what ever version) and the Windows Client (what ever version).

By using the same base files for both Server and Client (normally known as a "Workstation") then setting the functions of the Server or Client differently Microsoft had a very viable product. 

Need a server? You can build your own!

While IBM OS/2 had the same configuration between the Server and Client IBM didn't have the marketing experience to move the OS from the primary Corporate world to the everyday user. Novell's lack of associated client for it's Server OS would see the same effect that IBM did with OS/2 - they slowly lost market share making Windows Server and Client Operating Systems the choice both for business and the everyday computer owner.

Another aspect Windows Server has over OS/2 and somewhat Novell's later versions is the ease of installation newer versions have, the latest Windows Operating Systems almost install themselves with very little intervention by the computer operator where as OS/2 was reliant heavily on the person installing the OS knowing a lot about the hardware, network, and any additional programs. Although OS/2 could be either a server or workstation or both with one installation it was very clumsy for the normal everyday computer owner to use.My custom made ERD, you can have one also, make it yourslf... or?

That is why other than the occasional Linux installation almost all Servers in the world today use a Windows Server Operating System and the need for some extra (translated from geek) help for the everyday Server owner...


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