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Advanced Computer Repair Techniques Operating Systems section

Advanced Computer Repair Techniques Operating Systems, some of these topics are in the MCSE tests.

Advanced Computer Repair Techniques Operating Systems - Windows XP, Windows Vista / 7 / 8 / 10, and some Linux subjects.

Windows is the most popular Operating System (OS) in the world, however it may not be the most efficient or the best fit for your needs.

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This section is predominantly Windows XP, Windows Seven, and Windows 10 there are a few topics on other Operating Systems also. Having worked in the IT industry for twenty-five plus years I have worked with all the major Operating Systems installed on the PC and Server versions running the Intel, AMD, and Motorola processors. Along with a few SPARC Stations running the RISC processor.

This section contains different aspects of the OS in that most computer owners will not venture into; editing the registry or modify a Group Policy (GP) to stop a service or function, however in the IT world and the Pro Repair Tech these are a normal everyday tasks, so some insight on some of the things I have learned over my career and some of the pit falls if you don't read the instructions or do something really stupid (ya, been there, done that...).


Compress Data

Corrupt Profile Problems and Fix

Disabling a Service

DOS 16 Bit

Drive Letters


Dual Boot not Wanted


Encrypt Your Data

Event Viewer and Logs

Dr Watson and the Event Viewer

F6 Option

File Attributes

File Transfer Without Using a Network

Getting into Safe Mode

GPO - Group Policy Option

How Often Should Defragment Be Used

How To Make a Partition Smaller

How To Recover Original Environmental VariablesMy custom made ERD, you can have one also, make it yourslf... or?

I Can Hack Your Computer In Less Than Two Minutes

Lockups Or Freeze Ups

Low Display Real Estate

Memory Dump File

No Desktop ICONS

No Shutdown

Operating System Is Corrupt

Operating Systems

Ram Drive Program Test Results

Why Have or Use a RAM Disk

Recover Deleted Files

Registry Cleaners

Speed Up My PC!

Stop Error

System Restore

Temporary Files

User ID and Password Compromised

What is the FileHider Virus

What Media For Backup Would Survive a Natural Disaster

Why Have More Than One Operating System

Why Make An External Hard Drive Bootable

Why Is XP a Great Operating System

Is Windows-7 Another Vista

Disabling a Windows 7 Group Policy

Display Settings for Windows 7

Installing Windows 7 On New SSD In A Notebook

Windows 7 File System

Is Windows 7 Getting Better

Windows Registry What Is It

Windows Registry Data Types

Windows Registry Clean Out a Sneaky Virus

Windows Registry Do a Backup

Windows Registry Restoring

Windows Registry the Main Keys

Windows Remote Desktop

Windows Task Manager

Windows User ID and Password

Windows 10 Desktop, Folders, and Shortcuts a comparison

XP Update... Read this one!


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