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Advanced Computer Repair Techniques Index

Advanced Computer Repair Techniques Index, the your gateway to all these separate topics ...

Welcome to the  Advanced Computer Repair Techniques Index.Advanced Computer Repair Techniques index  - Computer feeling a little ill? Up in smoke? DIY Comptuer Repari can help you.

The Advanced DIY Computer Repairs procedures section was moved from my old blog because I shut it down.

Why did I close my blog?

Google did an algorithm change that was aimed at stopping web spam, one of the factors in this algorithm were the number of in bound links to a web site.

Although the old philosophy on web sites linking to other web site was the owner of a web site "has no control over who links to their web site." This is no longer the case, instead of going after the spammers Google is making the owner of a web site responsible for the inbound links.

The way Google is doing this is by downgrading the page rank of a web site that has excessive in bound links relevant or not to the web site content.

The blog had over 5000 in bound links to this web site all to help the reader with understanding the topic that was posted to the blog. Google takes exception to this practice and cut 90% of the traffic it was sending to this web site.

So in defense of this web site I decided to close down and move the pertinent content to this web site.

For those that were looking forward to the posts I apologize, for the new readers of this web site: Enjoy!Open that comptuer up and figure out what is making it feel ill, lots of answers here are DIY Comptuer Repair.

This section is for those with more experience with do it yourself computer repair, I will attempt to not go geek with what I write for this section but sometimes with the advanced topics it can't be avoided.

If you find a term you don't recognize or understand try the Glossary for an explanation or if you have the Self Computer Repair Unleashed! 2nd Edition Manual it has over 14 pages of translated from techie/geek definitions.

Expanding this section there will be over 500 pages along with the new section about what it takes to become a Computer Repair Tech, I was considering not adding this subject to this web site because it is for the Do It Yourself and not to promote the career of computer repair or Systems Admin for an IT Department, but hay - I wrote it why not use it?

This index is for the Advanced DIYer or the Tech that is interested in the more geeky subject of computer repair.

The Advanced Computer Repair Techniques Index Categories are:

General TopicsNot that you have that computer fixed, maybe some other things it needs, look around DIY Computer Repairs!

This section has advanced ideas and subjects that don't fit in the other categories for more on what you can do and repair on your computer.

Hardware Topics

Advanced hardware related subjects, this is a very large section (look at the menu - three long sections!) if you don't see what you need - ask in the [closed] Q and A of Computer Repair I may write an article to cover the topic.

Server Topics

For the IT pro or a DIYer that wants or needs to learn more about servers, mostly Windows Server 2003/2008 subjects, more coming in the near future.My custom made ERD, you can have one also, make it yourslf... or?

Operating Systems

Windows XP, Windows Vista/7/10, and other advanced subjects.

Are you considering the IT Industry as a career?

This is a synopsis of what it took for me to get my career going: What it takes to become a computer repair technician


Coming soon: Some tips and tricks that you may like.

Resources for the Advanced Computer Repair Techniques:

The ultimate do it yourself computer repair guide: Self Computer Repair Unleashed! 2nd Edition Manual

Don't get stuck with hours of searching, ask your question here: [closed] Q and A of Computer Repair


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