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Advanced Computer Repair Techniques Hardware section

Advanced Computer Repair Techniques Hardware

This section ia about related subjects for different computer parts, there are over 80 topics in this section ranging from why you need to have adequate cooling in your computer to how to install an Operating System on a computer that doesn't have a CD or a Floppy Drive to why continuous maintenance is necessary for maximum performance.

The subject matter was moved from my old because I closed it down, the information is not time sensitive, it is as relevant today as it was the day I first posted it to the blog.OUCH! That has to hurt your wallet!!! You job is to repair the computer not destroy it!

These advanced computer repair techniques hardware topics are by alphabetical order by subject title not in a separate category for each type of device or part. More topics will be added in the future, you may want to hit the "Bookmark page" button and come back frequently.

Although this is more inline with what a tech or geek would do as you get more into doing your own repairs you will see some of these topics and will wonder how would you fix something such as fixing a broken power switch, or why a hard drive develops bad sectors and if there is a fix for them.

Advanced Computer Repair Techniques Hardware; because this is a very large section take your time, your objective is to repair your computer not destroy it or hurt yourself in the process, no?

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Even with all these Advanced Computer Repair Techniques Hardware topics if you didn't find the answer you were looking for, then ask it in the [closed] Q and A of DIY Computer Repairs.

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Enjoy these advanced computer repair techniques hardware topics, this is such a large topic and will grow over time, maybe you should bookmark this page, there is more to come... :)

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