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Quality vs. Quantity

Quality is becoming a lost word in today's throw away mentality...

Something I learned at a very young age: If you buy cheap you will get cheap, and when you need it the most it will fail. (One of Murphy's Laws by the way.)

"When I was nine or ten years old we would go fishing on Saturday, get up early, hit the road for an hour or two, fish for most of the day, and be home by early evening.

My Dad had an old car he kept in good running condition (later on it would be a pickup truck) just for these fishing trips.

One time the radiator started leaking, being a mechanic he knew that the radiator needed to be replace but decided to repair it instead. He could have used his torch to solder the leak but used a chemical solution instead.

The radiator started leaking really bad about an hour from home, he would stop, let it cool down, add more water to the radiator, then we would continue until it got hot again. We got home about 2 AM Sunday morning.

Needless to say my Mother would not get in that car until he replaced the radiator."

Same goes for parts for your computer, you buy cheap parts and when you need it real bad it will fail.

Quality is the watch word, my motto: "Buy cheap, Get cheap!"

Case in point:

I needed a DVD drive when I was upgrading my Server, I could have went to the local electronics store and bought one for $20 or so. Instead I decided to take one from my main computer (it has two) and use that. The one I took out of the tower cost over $100 when new, it is about seven years old and probably last another seven years.

When I had time and a few extra dollars I replaced that DVD drive with one I ordered from newegg.com that cost a little over $60, I know it will last at least five years if not longer, and it has a SATA instead of an. IDE interface.

I know that sometimes you think "I need to fix this but only have so much money to do the repair." I encourage you to fight the urge to buy cheap for a couple of reasons:

If you buy cheap consider the cost of replacing it before you normally would, that is if you pay $25 for a cheap part and a good to high quality part costs $10-$25 more where is the savings when you have to replace it in a month or two?

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Do cheap parts have a higher failure rate?

Well consider this:

What if that cheap part caused another part of the computer to fail when it does, say the motherboard, the memory, or the processor? That cheap part now has cost you ten times what you paid for it.

"Back in the day of DIP (Dual Inline Pin) DRAM IC's I was buying cheap memory, I think it was around a dollar to a dollar and a half for a 64K DIP DRAM chip. It would take ten of these DRAM IC's to get to 640K (that was the base for the old IBM class PC). So when I built a computer I would hunt around and find the cheapest memory DRAM IC's I could and buy them. (Actually it was 18 DRAM's to get to 1024K, 640K useable by DOS).

This came back to haunt me after building some computers and selling them, the chips would burn up in about three months, not only did the chips burn up they caused damage to the motherboard.

Having sold these computers with a one year guarantee I had to replace the memory and the motherboard from my profit, which in the end I didn't make any money."

A hard lesson learned by me when I not only had to buy new (higher quality) parts, replace them at my cost, but my time was also free.

Having burned myself a few times I have a motto: "Buy cheap, get cheap."

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