PNY Verto 8500GT video card Review


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PNY Verto 8500GT video card Review

PNY Verto 8500GT a good low end video card for gaming.

When I decided to upgrade my computer I wanted to find a decent but inexpensive video card that would play the latest and greatest computer games.

One of my specifications is that the card should have enough memory built into the card that it would not pull any shared memory from the system. Another feature I am looking for is the processor that will handle the higher graphics that the newer computer games are utilizing with the NVidia specification.

I found three such video cards, one from ATI, X1650XT, one from Visiontek, Radeon X1550, and this one. The last video card I bought five years ago had 128 meg of ram, support for NVidia, it lasted a long time but with as time goes so does the driver support, the last update for the card was two years ago, not bad for a $100 card.PNY Verto 8500GT GeForce with 512 meg of ram

All three of these cards are very good video cards, how ever the Radeon chip set has problems with some resolutions where as the NVidia does not. Also both of the Radeon cards only have 256 meg of ram. So I chose the PNY card.

If you were looking for a card that would display Multimedia then the Radeon would be a better choice, but for gaming and most Multimedia the Verto 8500GT NVidia card has the upper hand.

Specifications of the PNY Verto 8500GT:

  • PCI Express x16

  • RAMDAC Dual 400MHz

  • Fill Rate 3.6 Billion Pixels/s

  • Graphics Resolution 2048 x 1536 @ 85Hz Maximum

  • Signaling Type Digital

  • API Support OpenGL 2.0

  • Video Features 16x full-screen anti-aliasing True 128-bit floating point high dynamic-range (HDR) lighting NVIDIA PureVideo HD technology HDCP Capable NVIDIA Lumenex Engine NVIDIA nView Multi-Display Technology

  • Platform Support PC


Additional Information:

  • Stream Processors: 32 NVIDIA unified architecture with GigaThread technology
  • NVIDIA SLI Technology
  • NVIDIA Quantum Effects physics processing technology
  • NVIDIA ForceWare Unified Driver Architecture (UDA)
  • Integrated SD and HD TV Output: Provides world-class TV-out functionality via Composite, S-Video, Component or DVI connections.

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The Review:

I am giving the company 8 out of 10. This card failed one month out of warranty but the company would have done a RMA on the product if I had chosen to do so. This is a very good card for the price. The reason for the lower review is the quality of work done on the card and the failure of the company to follow up with customers who purchased the card. A lot of good PR was lost by not offering a recall and fix on the card before failure.


When this article was written in October of 2008 the card was installed in my computer for a month. In September of 2009 it died. From the research I have done about this card there is a batch of them that the quality control of the manufacturing process failed. There are a lot of cold solder points on the card. If you have one and it is still under manufacture's warranty you should return it either for a full refund or a replacement card.

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