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FREE! Overclock E-Course for your computer - A six part E-Course

Why an Overclock E-Course? Why destroy a perfectly good processor or memory?

Need to learn more about certian topics? I have written five e-courses that will help you understand your computing environment.There are different reasons for over clocking your processor and memory. For example you are in a test environment and need to know the maximum that your product will produce before failure. Or you are the type that has to push your equipment to the maximum. Maybe you are like me and are always one or two steps behind the latest and greatest and want the benefit of the latest and greatest. Or you have economic reasons for not upgrading and go the route of over clocking.

So before you start speeding up your processor and memory you should know what your tinkering will do to the components of the computer.

Overclock E-Course:

Before you sign up for this course you will need a computer that allows you to over clock the processor and the FSB, to find out if your computer supports these functions you need to check the BIOS settings. Most BIOS settings for the processor speed and FSB are under the Advanced section. You are looking for the Processor Multiplier and the FSB clock speed. When you overclock your processor or memory this is NOT what you want to do!

If your computer does not have these settings your can not over clock the processor, memory, or change the FSB.

Note: Most laptops are this way, there are very few settings you can modify in a laptop BIOS. However you can "cheat" and do some minor changes by upgrading the processor and memory. Which is covered in this ecourse.

Find out about cooling with the Free E-Course on OverclockingThe first consideration before even reading the process of over clocking is what will this do to your equipment? Depends on what you do before you over clock your processor and / or memory. The main factor that will kill your computer (not just the processor and / or the memory) is HEAT.

When you increase the clock frequency you are in effect increasing voltage in the devices that make your computer work, cpu, memory, and anything connected to the main bus of the computer.

Do you know what APCI stands for? Do you know that if you turn it off your performance will suffer?

To keep from destroying the devices you need to consider cooling all the devices inside the computer case not just the processor or the memory.

This service has been discontinued do to lack of funds, please bookmark this page it may return in the near future...    :(

What is in this Free Overclocking E-Course for your computer?

1. Disclaimer!

2. The importance of cooling the computer with:

  • Air
  • Water
  • Heat exchange

3. Why you over clock and the effects of heat on all the devices in the computer

4. Memory vs. Processor over clocking

5. The benefit of over clocking

6. Out there - how fast can you get?

Sometimes you push your hardware to far, how do you recover?


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