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What do you know about Operating Systems?

Operating Systems, if you didn't have one how would you use your computer?

Besides Windows or Mac?

Such as Linux, or Novell, or say Amiga?

There are a lot of dead Operating Systems also but unless you have a need then best let them stay in their respective graves of computer history.

If you are a IT pro you may use Novell or Linux.

Novell is was a premier Server OS. It was the first Server OS's for the PC written in the early 1980's.  It has a UNIX look and feel but has simplified commands made to run on 16 Bit processors. As technology move forward so did Novell, it was the first of the true 64 bit OS. Novell fell from being a main Server OS because the company made a decision to not get in to the PC/Mac OS game.  Although still primarily a server OS the company has branched out, their software encompasses all current "responsive" devices that utilize a processor - cell phones, tablets, laptops, and of course desktop computers. The Novell web site touts the new ZenWorks as the most secure of all responsive packages on the market today.

The main draw back for Novell besides learning Unix programming syntax is this:

Novell relies on other Operating Systems publishers for client or workstation OS.

Linux on the other hand can be either workstation or server depending on which 'distribution' you choose.

Linux started in 1991 and has yet to become the defacto Operating System for any major computer manufacture. Yes, there are some manufactures that offer Linux on their computes but they also come with an upgrade option for either Windows or Mac OS.

The Linux OS is an 'Open Source' or free for the most part. There are commercial versions available that make using the os simpler but it is still a baby Operating System.

Why do I consider Linux a baby OS? Because if a big publishing company such Novell or Adobe took the reins in the research and development it would be a rival to Windows and Mac. (MS Windows has gone through seven eight nine ten major revisions and Mac has gone through five since 1991!)

This is not possible because open source means anyone can write a driver, program, or service for the OS and claim ownership with copyright so not one major company will pick up the ball and make this a truly great OS.

At this time most users/owners of Linux are the geeks, students studying for a programming degree, or some one that wants to mess around with the bleeding edge of computer programming use it.

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After over 20 years as far as I know no major company has Linux as the defacto OS on all the computers, there are a few servers that have a special function but the main server OS is still Windows. Now that may change because MS has been putting out junk for the last three four versions of Windows and buying all new equipment to use an OS is not cost effective.

As a 'roll your own' type of OS the only time I would recommend it is if you want to learn more about how an OS works or if you are bored, because if you don't want to be fixing it every other day don't load it up on your main computer!

Being an IT guy I have heard people whine daily about Windows and Mac OS's but never a peep about the problems Linux has.

Why is that?

Because for the most part Linux is free! If you had to pay to have all those problems Linux would be another has been OS in the grave yard of computer history...

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Now this is my opinion on Novell and Linux, others may have different opinions of these operating systems Smile!

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