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Operating System Install Error happens occasionally and it isn't all the install media's fault...

Don't cya just hate it when you are doing an Operating System (OS) install and it gets almost done then the "File failed to copy" error pops up on the monitor?

There are some reasons why this happens:

  • The CD/DVD disk has a scratch

  • The CD/DVD drive needs to be cleaned or is failing

  • The hard drive wasn't prepped properly (partition and format)
  • The computer (some hardware) is not compatible with the OS you are installing

The first item is the most suspect of all these because people just don't take care of a CD/DVD. ( I loaned my pristine Windows XP disk to a fellow tech because he was traveling to off site and would be there for a few days. When he returned my almost brand new cd it looked like he had taken sandpaper to the surface!)

Resolving Operating System install error:

If you have a CD/DVD that has scratches on the surface then those scratches will cause you problems with your install, the CD/DVD drive can not read through a scratch, dirt, or finger prints. There are CD/DVD cleaning / restoration kits available that will take out most scratches, but deep scratches they will not.

An install CD/DVD is a tool, if you take care of your tools,  your tools will take care of you.

Note: CD/DVD surface is a very soft plastic. It will scratch very easily. It will also yellow with age if left in direct sunlight. The CD/DVD laser will be deflected if there are scratches, dirt, or fingerprints on the surface. The yellowing of the plastic will cause errors also, the returned laser beam may be too weak for the pick up LED to see. Keep them in the case they came with, if it is a paper envelope and you carry the disk around with you a lot consider putting it in a plastic case or a CD/DVD carrying case.

The second item would be if you had a CD/DVD that was clean and with out scratches and the error came up, then cleaning the drive and laser lens should take care of the problem. If you clean the drive and test it with another CD/DVD disk and it fails I would suggest replacing the drive, it has failed.

The third item means that the partition and format section of the installation failed or had an Operating System install error that wasn't reported (the install program does a check disk after the format of the volume) or you missed, try deleting the partition, then create a new partition and format it. If the install still fails then the hard drive is failing.

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The last item is a fairly new phenomenon.... Every since the early days of DOS the only requirement was the architecture (the command structure of the program itself) had to match the architecture of the processor. Such as a RISC program for a SPARK Station will not run on an Intel processor nor would an older version of Mac OS run on a SPARK Station or an Intel processor. (Emulators are a different story).

Sample Operating System install error:

The only i Series processor I have is in my Wife's ASUS laptop and I had to do a trade with her to get it for experimenting with. (I traded my Netbook for the Laptop, pretty easy trade considering that the Netbook weighs less than a pound and the Laptop is eleven pounds).

At first I thought that XP was incompatible with the processor, on start of the installation it would blue screen with a 0x0000007B error, that is a memory error, and if the processor was not being given the correct memory addresses while running the install program this could be a possibility.

If you use an Intel Windows install CD/DVD on an computer with an AMD processor (or AMD install cd on an Intel) the Operating System install error you receive are normally memory class errors because the Install program is trying to access the wrong memory address when it is trying to install the OS. Weird.

After reading an article about why some computer manufactures use the AHCI and OHCI protocols vs. the IDE protocols for SATA drives I decided to see what I could do to make a Windows Install CD with XP on it for the ASUS laptop. Normally you would go into the BIOS and set the SATA drives to Legacy or IDE and your problems with accessing the drive would go away. But the ASUS [all newer BIOS will not have the legacy/IDE any more] laptop BIOS doesn't have this option so I had to add drivers to the Install cd to make it work.

I added over fifteen new drivers to the install disk before it would start and run. I let it go all the way to the drive setup section then shut it down, don't want to get too hasty with this, my Misses may want her computer back ...

After over twenty years of installing Operating Systems on computers with CD/DVD's these are the main reasons you will get a fail to copy files errors.

I have never seen the install program get as far as the copy files section with a bad processor or memory, (I have only seen one bad Intel processor in my career) normally a memory problem or failure will show up right away and that is another article.

Now that I solved my problem with the drivers for the ASUS laptop you can look forward to the solution of putting new or more drivers on your Install CD.

Note: I have found a solution for XP because the newer SATA Drivers have to be added to the install cd which I have figured out how to do. This is an article about  Operating System Install Error and my quest to find and put those drivers on an XP install disk then install XP on a computer with an i series processor - Fun!

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