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Use a notebook as a desktop?

You can use a notebook as a desktop and it has some good points, then again wouldn't you tire of 15" video rather quickly?

When we think of a laptop we think of mobility, grab it and GO!

But there are those that have discovered the savings of using a laptop instead of a desktop for everyday use instead of just for travel.

The savings come in the form of space and in energy.

Laptops are a lot smaller than even the smallest desktop computer.

Notebooks consume less electricity than their counterparts the desktop, some times as much as one tenth that a desktop will consume.

But there are some drawbacks to using a Laptop in place of a desktop.

These are:

  • Graphics chip sets are not as powerful as some add on cards for desktops.
  • If you don't buy the convenience of a port replicator (as some manufactures call them) or a docking station you will have to plug in all the cables when you want to use it as a desktop then unplug them when you need to take it some where.
  • Even though newer laptop now have i series processor they are still not as powerful as you can get in a desktop.

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If you don't mind connecting the cables, your graphics is adequate for your work, and you don't require a lot of extra processing power then by all means use one computer for all your needs.

Keep this in mind when using a laptop in place of a desktop:

  • Because you will be using AC power for most of the laptop life span you should drain the battery until the computer tells you it is about to shut down. Then remove the battery and store it, this will extend the battery's life span. Leaving the battery in the computer while is is plugged in to AC all the time will eventually kill the battery.
  • Insure that there adequate open area around the computer for cool air to reach the intake port for the processor fan, in most laptop this is the only fan in the computer and is very small.
  • If the laptop starts getting hot and shutting down either find a way to lift it up an inch or two for air to get under the laptop case or get a cooling pad. Normally a Laptop on a desk surface should not get hot enough to shut it down.

At this time I use four notebooks as desktops (really servers) because of the lack of space one is a Firewall/Proxy server that doesn't need a lot of power nor storage, and the last one is my VPN/DMZ server.

Most computer manufactures are have fewer models for desktops and more for laptops, and the tablet is becoming more popular with the docking station added to make the tablet more like a portable laptop. However most larger companies still rely on the desktop or the "all-in-one" computer for everyday business. Why? Because the raw computing power in a low cost desktop could be higher than the most powerful laptop.

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If you use a notebook as a desktop be sure to follow the precautions above ...

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