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Why a newsletters for DIY Computer Repairs? The pro's have e-zines from the manufactures of computer products but most people don't want to read techie/geek talk that they find hard to follow so a translated to everyday English maybe just what your looking for!
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The Fix It Newsletter, once a month DIY publication for you, I promise to not SPAM you!Computer repair isn't as hard as everyone thinks it is. You can do computer repair with the correct information and technical assistance.

This web site and each issue is written in everyday English for the DIYer that wants to fix their own computer either to save money and time or to learn more about computers in general at home or at work (although most businesses have an IT department to do those repairs...)

I have endeavored to make my web site as comprehensive as possible, but try to keep it at a level where the beginner, novice, intermediate user can do the things the Pro's do.

If you read other pages on this web site you will sometimes see surveys, please feel free to answer the survey, I don't ask for your email address nor do I collect any information from you other than the answers to the questions. I use these surveys when I am writing content for this web site, the e-zine, and my products.

When I started the Fix It almost nine years ago I did a survey on this web site, asking what day most people had the least amount of email through out the month. Surprisingly the best two days were the first and third Tuesday of the month. I picked the first Tuesday of the month to send out the Fix It 

At one time I was considering a weekly but that puts a lot of stress on me finding a topic that is useful four times a month. Another thing most people don't realize about the e-zine is this one is not posted to this web site, at one time it was but what I found was my readership was low because each issue was posted straight to this web site.

If you had signed up for these newsletters when it started you would have a nice notebook with 60+ 70+ 80+issues of information not found anywhere on the web!

When you sign up for my monthly free newsletters you will receive:

This service has been discontinued do to lack of funds, please bookmark this page it may return in the near future...    :(


  1. Monthly up dates
    Interesting information to make your computer more efficient, help with little known problems

  2. Along with tips and techniques I have learned in the past 20 plus years in the computer industry

  3. And Three Gifts - mini guides to help you keep your computer operating as advertised.

  4. It is FREE!
We respect your privacy, you e-mail address is totally secure. I promise to not fill your inbox with useless ads and junk!

And I promise to not get Geeky on you, what do you say? Want to stay ahead of the Geeks with out going Geek?






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