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LCD or Plasma screens with special care and attention they will last a very long time.

Repairing laptop LCD or Plasma screens -

You can replace your laptop video, it will take some time and patience!One of the things that laptop manufactures have excelled in is the video. When the plasma screen was introduced in the late 1980's laptops became real laptops, the weight dropped form around eight pounds to a little over three pounds. A real boon for laptop users.

Laptop screens repair requires extreme care and patience, this is a job you should not rush. If you feel that you do not have the expertise you may want to take the computer to a repair shop.

The case cover on the video screen should come apart the same as the computer case.

To get to the components inside the video case you do not have to remove it from the main computer case. The removing the bezel around the screen will give you access to the screen and the inverter module.

A word of caution if you have to remove the complete assembly:

Be very careful with the video ribbon connector or wire bundle and try to put the same amount of twists back in the cable when reinstalling the assembly back on the main case. [Note: not enough or too many twists will tear the ribbon cable when you open or close the video screen].

Once you have the bezel off you can then change out the component that has failed. Reverse the disassembly to reassemble the repaired display.

And now you have a functioning video, that wasn't so hard after all!One of the components that gets the most work or stress are the video screen's hinges. With the constant opening and closing the hinges will over time break. On newer computers more design emphasis has been given to the hinges and the failure rate has dropped off but they are still a point of failure. If you have a failure the best way to change the screen is to remove the keyboard to disconnect the ribbon cable and then remove the screws holding the video display.

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Some laptop manufactures put the inverter behind or next to the display, the inverter is what drives the display. Some typical failures are a block of pixels that are either all white or all black. The block will be the width or length of the display, that is from one side to the other or from top to bottom.

Other indications that the inverter has failed are a black display or a fuzzy/out of focus display. Use an external monitor to check the embedded video device before changing any parts (this will save you a lot of money and extra work if the embedded video device has failed!)

For some laptops the ribbon cable is accessible by removing the keyboard.

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