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LCD or Plasma screens Cleaning,  a laptop video display  surface is very soft, it will scratch very easily

Notebook video screen use care with these instructions!

LCD or Plasma screens cleaning instructions:

With this caution in mind - the video screen is made out of very soft plastic, you can scratch it or break a crystal very easily - you can clean your  (either LCD or Plasma) video display. A little knowledge and some caution will go a long way and your display will be easier to see.LCD or Plasma screens Cleaning - Be very careful of what you use to clean your video screen!


  1. Power the system off
  2. Always use a soft cloth
  3. Only use glass cleaner

After cleaning wait ten minutes before powering up the system (the wait time will give any excess glass clean time to evaporate)

With the system powered off and cool, open the screen up, try to get it as horizontal as possible to keep any droplets of the glass cleaner from running down into the bezel, spray the glass cleaner on the cloth not the screen, wipe with gentle strokes.


  1. The wrong stratagie will cause you video to become unusable!Use water (it will not remove oil/grease build up)
  2. Have the system powered up (you may get liquid inside the bezel, causing a short)
  3. Use a paper towel (even a soft paper towel will scratch the screen)
  4. Spray the cleaner on the screen (you may get liquid inside the bezel, causing a short)
  5. Press on the screen with a lot of force (you may break the crystals inside the screen, this will create black streaks on the screen).

Laptop screen cleaning, some newer laptops, netbooks, and tablets have a clear plastic cover, this is not the video display, however it is not water proof by any stretch. Use the same method to clean these same as above. (they also scratch easy, they are there as a barrier to impact of an object only, it is cheaper to change that plastic cover than the complete display.)

I can see clearly now!Remember glass cleaners have either Alcohol or Ammonia as the cleaning agent. Ammonia is corrosive and will damage copper or aluminum if not rinsed off.

I have been using glass cleaner on laptops since they first became available. I have tired 'baby wipes',  the results are not encouraging, the screen is streaked when I used the baby wipe I would not recommend using them. Whereas with window cleaner and a soft cloth (NOT A PAPER TOWEL) the screen is not streaked.

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