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Upgrading Laptop Memory

Upgrading laptop memory on some notebooks is a breeze, some are more difficult.

RAM, DRAM, DIMM, SO-DRAM, DDR, DDR2, DDR3, DDR4 are all memory components.

What will upgrading notebook RAM do for your laptop? Increase the performance by a lot.

Upgrading laptop Memory - A memory upgrade is the cheapest upgrade you can do.Which will yours have? Unknown, manufactures are always improving their products, laptop manufactures are no different. If the manual that came with the laptop doesn't have the memory type and part number in it you can go to the manufactures web site and find the information by searching with the model number.

Another way to do it is to go to one of the most use full web sites for memory that I know: You search for your computer make and model and vola' you have the type of ram installed in your computer, you also get a list of upgrades compatible to your computer, neat!

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Some laptops have the memory stacked like this, others have them in slots opposite of each other.

So you suspect that you are having a problem with the memory in the laptop. It is very slow, you get an error when it starts, it crashes or locks up frequently, and you have narrowed the cause down to a memory module.

How to find the RAM module, this to is an unknown. The memory modules could be: under the keyboard (yup IBM, Dell, and Acer do this), under the hard drive (Arcer), in a very logical place under a small panel on the bottom side of the computer.

Upgrading laptop Memory Cautions:

A) Ram is static sensitive read my Safety page before opening computer.

B) The modules are manufactured as to go into the slot one way, do not force the module into the slot (seen that, not pretty and not cheap), if it doesn't slide into the slot turn it around. If it still doesn't fit you have the wrong module return it for the correct one.

C) Laptop ram is power specific.

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Case in point: A guy I worked with had two laptops; same make, same model but different revisions. One was a little under a year older. The newer one had a failed motherboard and was being returned to the manufacture for repair. My collogue decided to take the 512 meg module from the newer computer and put it in the older computer. Not checking the web site for compatibility he fried the memory module and the motherboard. Then he had two dead systems.

When upgrading notebook RAM research will save you some $$$ and grief.

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Upgrading laptop memory is the biggest performance gain you can get for your money.

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