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Laptop keyboard (kb) may be hard to remove and replace, some are easy though...

Why in the heck do they make laptop keyboards so hard to remove?

One reason is that the kb is part of the structure of the laptop, that is it helps the laptop case retain it's shape and strength.

So the kb has to have a certain amount of points that take strain and help the notebook with it's over all structure.

If you happen to take a kb out of a laptop flex the case (gently or it will crack or break in places) to see what I mean.

To take the notebook kb out of the computer for replacement (there isn't a repair for a kb in a notebook or desktop) or to gain access to other parts in the notebook you have to be careful with the removal / reinstallation procedure. (The procedure is illustrated in my Self Computer Repair Unleashed! 2nd Edition Self Computer Repair Unleashed! 2nd Edition E-Book. ).

One drawback to all laptop keyboards is they now have a thin mylar cable, more commonly known as a ribbon cable and in the case of laptops this cable is fairly small and very thin.

The connector for the cable it is also very small and will become brittle because of the heat in the area of the connector. I have seen older laptops where you couldn't disconnect the ribbon cable with out breaking the connector.

Caution: If you break the connector then you will have to replace the motherboard.

When you take the screws out of the keyboard (the number ranges from two to over ten, the keyboards with two screws will have a couple of locks on one edge of the keyboard, the older IBM's used this approach with two screws through the bottom to secure the outer edge (the edge with out the hinge for the video) and then on the keyboard side it had two locks that were on the video edge that you pressed in to release the keyboard.

Once you have the keyboard loose gently raise it up about two or three inches, look under the keyboard and locate the ribbon cable, make sure it is not in a 'cable lock' to keep it from being loose in side the case, some manufactures (Toshiba, Gateway, Dell) use a plastic retainer or tape.

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If you just pull the keyboard out of the computer you will either tear the ribbon cable, break the connector, or both. (seen that once, cost the company a motherboard, should have cost the tech their job in my opinion).

Now that you have the keyboard out do your repair and then reinstall/replace the same way you took it out.

(Keep in mind that sometimes the screws are of different length, if you come across this you need to either remember (I can't) which one came from which screw hole or mark the case, I use a piece of tape to mark the long screw holes.)

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So now you know why a laptop keyboards are hard to remove. Smile

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