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KVM Switch will cut down on desktop/bench clutter by having only one keyboard, mouse, and monitor...

KVM (Keyboard-Video-Mouse) switch will allow you to connect multiple computers to one keyboard, video, and mouse then switch between the computers to do different things on each computer.

This saves on space when you have two or more computers, also cuts down on cost, especially with monitors.

A KVM switch is commonly used in server rooms where racks of servers use one or two keyboard/video/mouse setups.

By switching between each server the administrator doesn't have to move from one computer to another to do their work.

How it works -

Imagine having four computers in your office.

  • A desktop on your desk
  • Your laptop
  • Two special computers to monitor some specific processes

Lets say you have the laptop and special computers on a table behind your chair, to monitor the special computers you have to turn around. Also to access the laptop to move files, do other tasks you have to turn around.

This would allow you to switch between each computer with out turning around and would save a lot of space because you wouldn't need a separate keyboard-mouse-video for each computer.

One keyboard, one mouse, one monitor - period.

Cool, so I bought a new KVM for my desktop and laptop (the old one I had died after nine years and I hadn't replaced it because I was upgrading my desktop and bought a new laptop so was waiting until I figured out what I am actually doing as to the way my desk will be set up).

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The new one I bought is a VGA connection, [sigh] my new monitor (my 19" Princeton died over the week end) has a HDMI connection to go with the new video card. I can stay with VGA but it kinda defeats the purpose of upgrading to HDMI.

As for my ASUS laptop it is VGA but there are adapters that go from HDMI to VGA but not HDMI to VGA.

The switch is easy enough to set up although some planning in advance would keep the cable from looking like spaghetti when you are done.

The KVM switch I bought is a usb mouse and keyboard connected with sound and voice connections for usb also. The only draw back to buying a two computer switch box is that the connectors are all round the edges.

  • One side has the VGA and USB keyboard/mouse ports in from the computers
  • One side has the USB keyboard, mouse, and sound ports out
  • One side has usb sound in ports
  • One side has the VGA out to monitor port

This makes it a little hard to do neatly but with some cable ties and some thought before connecting all the cables it can look neat when completed.

Switches with four or more computers all the ports are on the back with the computer select switches on the front of the box.

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If you have more than one computer a way to cut down on expense and clutter is with a KVM switch!

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