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Introduction To DIY Computer Repairs

An introduction to DIY Computer Repairs for anyone just starting out, and in case you missed it in school...

Need answers for your introduction to DIY Computer Repairs?

A Do It Yourself Computer Repair web site by a DIY guy? Yes, and I am also a retired computer repair tech with over 25 years of experience. For over ten of those years I was a Senior Systems Administrator for a major company. (see my About - on the drop down menu above - page for more information).

On this a page I ask you if you have a strategy for keeping your computer in tip top shape. I also explain the difference between a reactive and a proactive strategy for your desktop, laptop, or server repairs. I suggest you bookmark this web site for when that strategy fails and you decide to DIY for your computer repairs.

One of the main reasons people decide to do their own PC repairs are the continuously rising costs, this page of my local repair shop prices explains why you pay so much for your PC to be fixed: This is a pop up window!

A good read for an introduction to do it yourself computer repair on the Pro's and Con's of DIY This is a pop up window!

Welcome to my web site.

If you are a novice you can learn a lot from this web site, if you have some experience this web site will help you gain more experience, if you are a pro there are things here some pro's don't know :).

Something that was brought to my attention the other day:

A customer for my Self Computer Repair Unleashed e-book (1st Edition) wrote me to thank me for writing a book that even a busy manager could read and understand. He didn't buy the e-book to do his own computer repairs but to understand how a computer works and what the IT Dept was telling him what needed to be done. After a week he has the understanding of computer repair and maintenance that the IT Dept can't "pull the wool over his eyes" when it comes to IT operations any more.

If you are a manager or owner of a small business or want to know what a repair tech is saying then this web site and it's publications will help you with your bottom line, if you learn what the repair / system techs are telling you then you can make more cost effective decisions.

Introduction To DIY Computer Repairs to learn about computer parts.

You will find that the instructions are written in everyday language, you will not turn into a 'Geek' or a 'Nerd'. Although geeks and nerds may also learn things here... So regardless of your background you will find useful information here to fix your PC!

Consider this web site and the publications as a tutorial if you don't have any experience with computers or repairing them.

Your Computer Repairs Giving You Headaches?

Stop banging your head against the wall and Do It Yourself (D.I.Y.)

Self Computer Repair is one of the fastest growing topics lately do to the economy.

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New to DIY Computer Repairs?

Looking for a resource to help get those repairs done?


Introduction To DIY Computer Repairs - A resource you can relay on for years to come.
Tired of endless searches for you repair resolutions?

Use this instead of googling!

Introduction To DIY Computer Repair -

DIY home repair and back yard mechanic's have been around for centuries! So if you need to save some time and money on computer repair you have came to the right place!

Consider this - Your last contact with a tech support, was it good, bad, indifferent? I submit to you: You can you do a better job yourself!

To the untrained computer repairs can be difficult, scary, down right intimidating.

Did you know that the PC (Personal Computer) has been around since the early 1970's? Did you also know that the early computers were do it yourself kits? You literary had to build the computer (and program it!).

Your goal with self computer repair should be to repair your computer not destroy it, here you will find the way to fix it correctly.

Check it out, bookmark this site to keep up to date.

Introduction To DIY Computer Repairs this web site has over 800 pages of great information.

How much do you think in terms of gas would it cost you to take your computer to repair shop, then go back and pick it up when it is fixed? See that e-book? It would cost you less than the time and gas it would take to make two trips to a repair shop. Just thought I would just throw that out for your consideration.

With the information provided on this web site, and the publications, you will be able to fix your pc, build a custom pc from scratch, optimize your system to make it run faster, or hide your pc from hackers!

Introduction To DIY Computer Repairs -

"Buy cheap, Get cheap!" (my motto)

This web site was designed to take you the inexperienced computer owner and walk you through most home computer repair tasks. From the basic computer troubleshooting of a given problem to the replacement of failed hardware. From a BSOD (Blue Screen Of Death) or STOP ERROR to getting the computer to start and load the Operating System once again.

[I also have a new section for the Advanced DIYer or Pro tech]

However I do not divulge everything I know on this web site, some stuff can destroy your data or your computer. Some can cause you physical harm.

Introduction To DIY Computer Repairs

The web is full of 'free" advice on computers; and a lot of misinformation, use care on whom you trust for your solution for your PC fix!  (Last count there were over 1 Billon computer related sites.)

With free you get what you pay for, and it will bite you if you don't compare the advice between at least three web sites. I really do think that anything you read here you should find another DIY computer site and compare what they say to what I say. Really, it is called research.

Don't take my word as the final say even though I have over 25 years as a computer repair tech.

I put about 55% of what I know on this web site, then I put that and another 35% or more in each of my books on computer repair and about 75% for the special web site DIY Insiders [sorry it is closed] .

I reserve the right to with hold some information or advice, sorry but that is my policy.

At I take the difficult or intimidating problem and break it down in to small easy to do steps, if you get lost use the site map, check out the glossary if you come across an unfamiliar term.

Introduction To DIY Computer Repairs

By breaking each task down in to simple to understand steps you can repair your computer faster and gain the confidence to do more scary things from replacing a part, to installing the operating system of choice on a computer, to securing and optimizing your computer, to having the best computer possible.

Introduction To DIY Computer Repairs

Why? I think you can, I have the utmost confidence in You - My Visitor! As a matter of fact I have that much confidence in You that this web site is all about you and what You can do, not me, not some Geek that is only worried about a paycheck, nope, all about You. (Well I do get side tracked with a story now and then!)

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The Introduction To DIY Computer Repair:

Troubleshoot the problem Desktop or Laptop -Laptop DIMM Memory

Before you can do your repair you need to find out the exact reason for the problem your computer has encountered. There are a few ways to do the troubleshooting, you could research your problem on line (such as this web site), you could read some repair manuals (such as the ones I write), or you could use a troubleshooting checklists such as one of these checklists.

Introduction To DIY Computer Repairs Research the repair -

Research the problem for possible repair options. If it is hardware such as a hard drive, video card, or even a motherboard research the new part needed to replace the failedArrow shows 775 style processor socket part (you may find a replacement part of higher quality at a lower price). In most cases replacing a part means installing the part then updating the drivers for the new part. In other cases you may have to reinstall the Operating System.

Introduction To DIY Computer Repairs Doing the actual repair -

Before you start your self computer repair you should consider the work area, the safety aspect, and your repair technical literature.

You should have ample room to open your computer with out obstruction and be able to reach the part you are working on comfortably. That is on a table not under it, not bent over looking inside the computer. If youBSOD or Blue Screen Of Death, a Stop Error, find out how to fix these in the Self Computer Repair Unlieashed! Manual. are uncomfortable while working you could drop a tool, a fastener, or even damage a part that you are taking out to get to the failed part.

You should be aware of ESD (Electromagnetic Static Discharge) and take precautions to avoid causing unnecessary damage to your computer parts.

When you take a failed part out of your computer treat it as if it is still a working part, that is don't destroy the part when you remove it. Always keep your parts until the repair is complete, if the new part works, and proves that the removed part has failed.

When you upgrade your computer keep the parts you removed, they will come in handy as spares or parts to upgrade another computer.Got a Hot! laptop? Power supply burned up?

Not mentioned on other DIY computer web sites is the upkeep or maintenance of your computer that will keep it running fast and smooth. You will find instructions on how to make your computer and hard drive operate at it peak efficiency. Check the How To ... section for instructions on for optimizing your Operating System, when and how to defrag your hard drive, how to keep those temp files from filling up your hard drive, and other things you can do to protect your data.

Throughout this web site and in some of my publications I use cartoons to illustrate my thoughts, this is easier (but not cheaper) than actually destroying a valuable piece of equipment, some of them are kind of funny too! Enjoy the cartoons, I hope that some of them don't happen to you!You can have your own custom background, no extra cost!

Before you head off to start your repairs you may want to consider what tools you will need to do your repairs, I have made a list of the "Top Seven tools" you should have and how to either find them or make them (yes you can still make some things) for your IT Tool Box, click here for the list. Check out the ERD (Emergency Repair Disk) section...

For the Advanced DIYer and Pro Techs (and a few geeks that stop by) this will interest you:

If you are thinking of a career in the IT industry as a Computer Repair Tech or Systems Administrator I have written a series of articles to give you an idea of the path that you may want to pursue here:  How to become a computer repair technician...

For all DIYers and Techs check out the Advanced Computer Repair Techniques , it has some out of the ordinary articles that I think you will find interesting if not provocative.

I have closed down the web site, before doing so I may make a blog on this web site: Fix It Blog that has some of the articles I wrote for the old blog on it. The stuff that won't categorize well in to the Advanced Computer Repair Techniques section.

Introduction To DIY Computer Repairs - Read the fine manual I wrote just for you...

Emergency Repair
isk (ERD) - Will Yours Work?

Repair Disk

Custom made for you...

You keyboard isn't thirsty, and it doesn't need calcium. Milk and other liquids will ruin a keyaboard!

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But Love
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Please chip in $5 to keep it live...

Need A Checklist?

Need A Repair Manual?

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