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Can you really speed up your Internet connection speed?

Back in the day of Dial Up internet connections everyone wanted to get the most out of their connect speed.

Then came cable and DSL or 'Broadband' with higher speeds.

Something to think about when you are considering how to optimize your connect speed.

Your connect speed is determined by the ISP, the media, and the modem/router.

Lets take that apart -

The first part of the equation is the media. By media I mean the wire or cable that connects your router to the main switch at your ISP. The fastest or least loss type of media is fiber optic. Then you have copper.

Most newer cable installations are fiber optic but the connection from the fiber optic cable to your modem will be copper. Over short distances (less than 100 feet) copper is not a limiting factor. So your connect speed will be what the ISP advertises, if they say 4 Giga Bits then you can test your internet connection speed and you will be very close to that speed for downloading a large file.

However if you live or work in an older part of your city then more than likely your media is copper and in some cases the very old copper. The copper is limited by what is know as impedance, that is resistance to the flow of electrons.

If the 'central office' is over a certain distance from your location then the speed will start to degrade. One way around this is for the ISP to install 'booster' or amplifier devices at certain distances from the central office. This booster will refresh the data as it is transmitted further down the wire.

That was one of the reasons that dial up modem connections were limited (actually this was the maximum speed an ISP would guarantee for a connection) to a max of 14400 Kilo Bits Per Second. There were not any booster or amplifier devices between your location and the central office and it was an analog device not digital.

So we come to the next part of the equation - the ISP

You have no control on how fast the ISP connects to the back bone of the internet in your area. Most however are connecting in the 20-30 Giga Bit range because the ISP carries the load of all their customers on those connections.

The last part of the equation is the modem/router.

Most cable/DSL modems are also a router and the maximum connect speed of these modem/routers are hard wired to 100 Mega Bits Per Second, however there are a few newer modem/routers on the market that are the Giga Bits Per Second type.

(Note: All internet connection speeds are rated in BITS Per Second not BYTES per second!)

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If your modem/router is of the 100 MBPS type then the best you are going to get is 384 Kilo Bytes Per Second (Take the 384 and multiply it by 8, what is the number. That is your MBPS) download speed. If you have a 1 or 5 G Bits PS type modem/router your will get from 780 K Bytes PS to 2 M Bits PS download speed. Your upload speed will always be lower than your download speed.

The meat of the matter is that you can only do two things to optimize your connect speed and that is to insure that the computer to modem/router is set for either 100 MBPS and Full Duplex or 1 GBPS and Full Duplex.

The other thing you can do is set the MTU (Maximum Transmit Unit) to 1500 (this is the maximum size of each packet that will be transmitted).

There are some old (and there will be some new ones) programs that advertised 'Speed up your internet connection speed' that were scams. So in the near future you will see scams that will advertise 'Speed up your Broadband Connection', save your money. Try to download only compressed files.

A little research will save you a lot of money.

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