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Intel DP43BF Motherboard Review

Intel DP43BF Motherboard - I don't often have problems with motherboards but this one really was a pain...

When I decided to upgrade my server I picked this Motherboard. The reason for picking this board was the support for the processor ranged from Pentium D through the Core 2 Quad and the Core 2 Xenon.Intel DP43BF Motherboard

After mounting the Intel DP43BF Motherboard in my server case I proceeded to setup the computer as normal. Once I was satisfied with the BIOS setup and features I then started loading the Server Operating System.

From there the whole project went down hill. The Server OS is on a DVD, the server has a CD. So I stole a DVD drive from my main computer. Then the motherboard doesn't have a floppy drive so I loaded the OEM drivers on Pen Drive.

After fiddling around with it for an hour I finally started the OS install, this didn't go to well either, the OS can't see the Pen Drive because the OS installer doesn't have USB 2 support.

After another hour of work the install is going but it is slow, when an install is slow it means there are hardware problems with the drivers on the install disk, this is understandable it is a OS from 2003 and will not have SATA drivers and other new hardware devices.

After the OS install I ran the cd that came with the motherboard, the Intel chip set, LAN, sound, and video drivers were installed.

Restart, log on, finish the OS setup, do my normal Server customization.

Restart, add the Admin Pak, then run the SP2 for servers.

Restart again ready to run the Windows Update service, the network has quit.

Troubleshoot the network, when the LAN is set for Auto Detect it will work for about ten minutes, when it is set for 100 MBPS Full Duplex it locks up the computer. Not a good sign.

Disable the embedded NIC, insert an older Compaq Dual NIC, set up the speed and duplex. Runs good for about half an hour, locks up the computer. About 35% complete on the Automatic Update.

Change the NIC for another Compaq Dual NIC, runs for about an hour then locks up.

Swap out the Compaq Dual NIC for a 3Com 3c905, finish the Windows Update and installed all the updates. Restart.

Restart the Windows Update, needs ten more updates, let it run then restart.

About half an hour in to the configuration of the prerequisite services for Active Directory it locks up again.

Move the memory around, now am trying everything I have learned in the last twenty years of working on computers.

Restart, runs for about an hour then locks up.

I have one more NIC I can use so I try that, restart, runs for about an hour and locks up.

Now one would think it is:

  • NIC
  • Memory
  • Processor
  • Heat
  • Power Supply

None of the above because I changed out everything.

It has to be the Intel DP43BF Main board and the Operating System are not compatible.

I find this hard to believe but it must be true.

I finally bought a different motherboard for the server.

This motherboard is in a desktop and has had XP and Window 7 both loaded and ran for two weeks each with out any problems.

Then if the motherboard can accept a Xenon processor why does it have a problem with a server OS? Unknown but it will not run:

  • Windows Server 2003
  • Windows Server 2008
  • Linux Ubuntu 8

All three would run for half to a full hour and lock up. Weird.

Specifications for the Intel DP43BF Motherboard:

Form Factor ATX
Chipset Type Intel P43 Express / Intel ICH10R
FSB 1333 MHz
Processor LGA775 Socket
Compatible Processors Core 2 Duo, Core 2 Quad, Xeon
RAM 8 GB (max)
Storage Controller ATA-100, Serial ATA-300
Storage Interfaces 1 x ATA, 5 x SATA, 1 x eSATA
USB Ports 12
FireWire Ports 2
Audio Output 7.1 channel surround
Networking Gigabit Ethernet


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I rate the Intel DP43BF Motherboard at 5 out of 10. This motherboard has to be one of the worst Operating System installations I have done in my 20+ years as a computer tech. Due to the lack of support for a floppy drive and non native USB support in the chip set it makes getting anything before Windows 7 OS installed a nightmare. Too many work arounds are required to even get the OS to the stage where you can actually correct all the missing/failed drivers that were installed by the OS installation process.

If you do or don't have time to fiddle with trying to make this motherboard work with an older OS I would suggest you by pass this motherboard and find a different one, it was that bad.

Once I had it installed in a different computer I loaded Windows 7 with a few minor problems only because the install disk has the latest drivers.

I purchased this from but because I tried to make this motherboard work I went past the 30 day return guarantee and they would not honor my request for a refund. I will consider that a warning about the products they sell.

When it was all said and done this page was updated due to the problems the Intel DP43BF Motherboard gave me.

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