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Installing Windows 7 On New SSD In Notebook / Laptop

Installing Windows 7 isn't hard, if you follow the directions and have the driver cd or source files...

Installing Windows 7/8/10 or Vista on a SSD in a notebook / laptop / netbook is not that hard.

It is however time consuming because when you do a fresh install and you may not have all the necessary hardware drivers available on the new drive.

Before you begin I suggest you either make the recovery cd/dvd if the computer manufacture gives you that option or using the Device Manager locate all the hardware driver source files and copy them to have them ready for installation after the conversion. If you do not do this you will be doing a lot of research for those drivers!

When you change the original drive and your notebook/laptop/netbook came with a recovery cd/dvd, it will fail, the files are not on a hidden partition on the new drive! However if it does come with a driver cd/dvd that will make your installation that much simpler and faster.

After changing the old hard drive for a SSD (or new mechanical hard drive) go to BIOS and insure the drive is initializing, before restarting insert the Windows 7/Vista installation DVD in your DVD Drive then restart the computer.

Using the standard Windows 7 install (instructions for installation are in this e-book "OS installation for Windows 7") then follow the prompts for the install.

At this time I would suggest you make one partition (around 40-60 GB) for the OS and leave the rest of the drive empty for now, once the installation is complete and you are satisfied with the installation make a second partition or third [if the drive is very large] out of the empty space.

As the installing Windows 7 progresses you may be prompted for drivers, if you have the drivers on a CD or DVD then swap out the OS install DVD for the Drivers disk, other wise continue until the install is complete.

Once the install is complete follow the notebook/laptop/netbook manufactures instructions for installing the drivers for your particular computer. (ASUS sends a driver cd with each laptop, it has a driver install program that is run once the OS setup is complete, yours may or may not have this option).

If your computer comes with a cd/dvd but it does not have a setup program you will have to add each device's hardware driver manually.

If you don't have a driver CD/DVD then once the install is complete and if you have network capability you can go to the manufacture's web site and download the drivers to your computer then install them manually one at a time, unless the manufacture's web site has a "Driver Update" program that will do it automatically.

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If however the NIC (Network Interface Card) needs a driver before you can connect to the internet you will have to use another computer to connect to the manufacture's web site and then download the driver you will need to a pen drive or write it to a blank CD/DVD (which is a waste of a disk) then copy it to your new drive and install the driver.

Once you have the network connected then you can run both the manufacture's updates and Windows Automatic Updater.

Essentially it is the same as if you changed out you old mechanical hard drive for a new mechanical hard drive.

If you want to save yourself a lot of time and frustrations maybe you should make an image before Installing Windows 7  of the boot and OS partitions, that way if your mechanical hard drive fails or you want to upgrade to a SSD (or new mechanical hard drive) you won't have to go through all the problems of installing and then updating your OS for the latest service packs).    

Just sayin'  :)

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Installing Windows 7 on a SSD is the same as installing on any mechanical hard drive.

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