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Networking with computers means connecting all the computers in an area together so they can communicate with each other...

Networking, ummm, welllll. A very large subject, I have six or seven large text books that explain it. I will try to crunch it down to layman's terms.

They are different things to different people, it is not an exact science yet. The standards are getting closer to being standard.

With that said the easiest way to explain it is think of the telephones. Everyone has one, at home, at work, in their car, in their pocket or purse.

All these phones are tied together by wires (technically even cell phones), you see them driving down the road, the computer set of connections are the same. For one computer to communicate with another computer they have to have a connection. Like keyboards and mice they can be wired or wireless.

Wired connections use a Cat5e / Cat6 cable to connect. The wire can be in the wall and you plug a connection cable to the jack or it can be on the floor (not to cool, tripping hazard, gives the dog something to chew on).Wired Network card

Wireless uses a Transceiver (Transmitter / Receiver set) device to communicate with another computer.

If you have more than two computers then you will need a "hub" or "switch" this applies to either wired or wireless. You can connect two computers together using what is known as Peer-to-Peer connection, the cable is connected from one computer to the other computer, this requires a special type of cable called a "crossover cable".

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Suppose you have two computers at home, yours and one for the misses or the kids. You also have a cable modem. Now you have your computer connected to the cable modem because it is for your business. The misses wants to be able to surf and get email, what do you do? The cable modem only has one connection and you are using it! You could get a Cat 5 cable long enough to reach from her computer to the modem, stretched across the floor.......

Or you could connect all the computers in your your house! Now how do you do that in less than 15 million words and $200?

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