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Virus, What you should know about them

All Viruses - Are nasty things.

If you watch TV lately there are these commercials where Mac vs. Intel are shown with the good 'ol Mac is always the good guy. I am here to tell you that Mac's are not all that great. The first virus I came across was on a Mac.

As a matter of fact McAfee was originally programming anti-virus detectors and cleaners for the Mac a good year before the IBM PC.

Where did they come from? Some people say that the Israeli secret service created the first destructive program to kill off one of their enemy's defense programs.

Your best defense against a them, Trojan, key logger, malware, or other destructive programs is to setup a defensive posture around your computer / network

     1) Install a reputable anti-virus program and keep it up to date. Scan daily.

     2) Be careful when downloading programs from the WWW (internet), scan when the download is complete, better to kill it before it can infect your computer.

     3) Keep your computer Operating System and all programs updated with the free patches that come out periodically.

     4) Have a firewall / proxy service between you and the WWW. The stronger the better. A firewall / proxy service will keep a key logger or Trojan from calling home to give a hacker your personal data or allow a hacker to use your computer for illegal activities without your knowledge.

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Consider this: in 1989 there were less than 3000 known virus signatures for all PC's (Intel and Mac) today there are over 3,000,000. The hackers have created a program for any make of processor or operating system, even cell phones and Mac's iPads. Your microwave may be next!!

Sometimes your AV can't clean the infection, for a how to clean your system see this page: Clean a computer


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Setup a defensive environment and keep your anti-virus up to date!

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