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Universal Serial Bus or USB for short.

What is it?

The Universal Serial Bus - (USB) is an expansion or extension of the Serial bus from the motherboard.Universal Serial Bus - USB - USB Hub

One of the better ideas that has evolved over the years. Introduced in the mid 90's it did not catch on because no one had any use for it. The first devices to actually use the USB were keyboards and mice. Now you can connect external usb CD/DVD Rom drives, external usb hard drives, joy sticks, Web cams, and network cards. More to come believe me.

A extremely convenient device, unfortunately most laptops only have one or two ports to connect to. You can "chain" some devices together, some monitors have a input port and a output port, you can plug in your keyboard to the monitor and the mouse in to the keyboard, cuts down on the clutter on the desktop.

I read a review about a USB 3.0 Web Cam (cost prohibitive at this time) that was also wireless.

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If you only have one or two ports you can add ports with an expansion device, a hub, these can have up to eight more ports, I would suggest you get a powered hub if you go more than four ports, add a cd/dvd rom, hard drive, or go further than six feet from the port with your cable .

You can also add an internal expansion device to a desktop or laptop  computer if you have an empty slot to increase your ports or to bring the ports to the front of the computer for conveyance.

Speaking of keyboards and mouse combo they now come as a wireless pair, even the old midi connected Joy stick has gone USB and wireless!

The new kid on the block for the Universal Serial Bus is USB 3, usb 3 is ten times as fast as USB 2. One of the reasons it is faster is the use of duplex, where the usb controller and device can transmit and received at the same time. 

Another feature of usb 3 is the power that the port will supply, maximum power for a usb 2 port was 1.5 volts where as the usb 3 port can supply up to 5 volts. This is enough to power an external hard drive, where with usb 2 some external hard drives needed a separate power supply.

04/09/2014 - After a short search I only found one USB 3.0 Web Cam, and the cost is still over 500 USD. It is unfortunate that the USB 3.0 standard is still in limbo for the power requirements and the maximum transfer speed. This fine peripheral could use the speed and power to enhance your web conferencing experience.

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