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How To... Have a problem, got a question, need the instructions on what to do?

No such thing as a stupid question. There is a thing called "I messed up!" or "I can't figure this one out!" been there done that type of thing. It is one thing to learn the hard way it is another to learn from someone else's mistakes.

If you are in business for yourself two things you can not afford to do: Mess up, pay someone else to mess up!

Although other people or web sites would call this a "tips and tricks" section I call it a How To.. of do it yourself computer repair, because a lot of these articles are normal everyday IT tasks.

You may not need to know how you do one of these tasks today but you may want to look over the list and bookmark this page for when your computer is slow, or you need instructions for doing a backup, or why a router is better than the built in software for a firewall.

Pop-ups, errors, and failures, all part of surfing the internet. Besure your Aniti-virus is on and up to date or you will see this!A "how to..." section such as making an image of the Operating System partition (you know it as a drive or volume) or maybe you need to know about making a bootable floppy or external hard drive bootable.

Suppose you were thinking of what type of maintenance you need to perform periodically on your computer? Such as cleaning the physical computer parts or what can you do to make your file access faster, or what to do when those "temp" files are taking up more storage than your programs?

As you read through this web site you will see quotes by me such as: "Your recovery is only as good as your last backup!" or "It is your data only you can protect it!" or "A power strip will not stop a power surge from killing your computer!" These are warnings that you should heed, there are articles here such as about backing up your data, what to use for storage, how often your should to a backup.

You need this in your IT Tool Box! Get yours today...

Troubleshoot, repair, maintain, upgrade & secure...

    With this!

Some times I will mention things that I have done that didn't work out too well, experience is a great teacher however you should learn from others mistakes. That brings me to the two forums on this site the Q and A of Computer Repair where you may find an answer to your computer hardware problem and my personal blog - Fix It!

Good stuff on how to repair computers...My custom made ERD, you can have one also, make it yourslf... or?

So before you make that fatal mistake and kill off a expensive piece of  equipment have a look at this index there may be some experience here that will save you some time and money.

Index of topics:

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Recovery is only as good as the LAST backup... Backup your Data
Want a new computer? Do It Yourself Build a Custom PC
Basic Autoexec.bat and Config.sys files for a bootable floppy Create Autoexe.bat and Config.sys files
 Change a file attribute, in response to a Q and A question. Change A File or Directory Attributes
Cleaning a computer of Viruses and dirt... Cleaning a computer
Cleaning a Keyboard of dirt and grime Cleaning Your Keyboard
Create a bootable floppy Create a bootable floppy
How to create a bootable CD or DVD Create a Bootable CD/DVD
Create a Custom CD for XP installation Custom XP installation CD  
Dual Boot your computer have more than one Operating System on your computer Dual Boot for your computer
Make a USB device bootable Create a Bootable USB Device
Need to put your source OS installation files on a USB Pen/Flash drive? Win to Flash for your USB Drive
Making an External Hard drive bootable Making an External Hard drive bootable
Installing a Hard Drive in your computer Installing a Hard Drive
Running out of storage for your files? Have an old pc just collecting dust? Network Attached Storage NAS
Slow download speed on your internet connection? Network Connection Speed
BartPE pebuilder installation and making your first boot ISO for a cd. Build a BartPE disk
BartPE and ERD Commander Tutorial BartPE and ERD Commander
Backup your hard drive or partition for recovery purposes Create an image of your hard drive for restoration
Creating a Symantec Ghost image tutorial Creating a Symantec Ghost image
Restoring a Symantec Ghost image tutorial Restore a Symantec Ghost image
Need to copy a file, here is how it is done Copy or move Files or Folders
When a disaster happens how will you recover? Disaster Recovery
What is a connector anyway? Connectors  Humor
System running slow? Out of drive space, this will help Hard Drive Defragmentation
This is how I set up Internet in my RV! Internet in your RV?
Installing new hardware or Troubleshooting device failures Installing new hardware
Ah, motherboards, where would we be with out our motherboard? Motherboard Upgrade "A How To..."
Have a new drive? Need to know how to make it functional? Partitioning and formatting a hard drive
System still slow after defragging the hard drive? These options may help. Normal - Performance optimization
System Environment, Virtual memory and Visual effects, Control where temp files are located System Environment - Performance optimization
Advanced system optimization for services, turn off those unused services, regain memory Advanced - Performance optimization
The hackers/criminals can see you.. Cable/DSL Router Setup
Lock down that Wireless Network! Wireless Router setup
The security of your computer and data are your responsibility! Increased Security For Your Computer
Why have a Software Firewall / Proxy Setup Software / Firewall
The Windows Firewall Service is a software solution. Windows Firewall Service
Service manager what it is and how to use it Service Manager
Services and Applications Services and Applications
System Tools System Tools
Computer Management - Storage Storage
Pros and cons on building your own custom gaming pc - you will be surprised at the answer. Why build a custom Gaming PC?
Overclocking - What you should know before you increase the speed of your processor! Overclocking - Processor and FSB
USB and Cat5 network cable crossover cable connection to transfer files. USB and Cat5 network cable crossover cable
Do you know how to use the backup program built into Windows XP? Backup for Windows XP

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