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"If I can find your computer I can HACK it!"

To hack into someone's computer is the same as holding a weapon on them and telling them to give up their wallet!

A while back I wrote an article on how I could get into your computer in two minutes or less.

But if I can't find your computer then I can't get into it, now that is a conundrum of the highest order for a thief.  :)

So how do you keep the thieves from finding your computer?

Here is a little test for you to measure your venerability:

Go to Start, select 'Run' type in cmd (unless you have a short cut on your desktop then click the cmd shortcut).

In the DOS box type in ipconfig (all lower case).

Find the line where the ipconfig returned your current IP address.

Then type in: ping where the x's are the numbers of your IP.

Note: The IP address will four sets of numbers separated by periods, not all numbers are 3 characters.

Which response did you get from the ping command?

  1. Reply from
  2. Request timed out
  3. Ping request could not find host 

Responses # 1 and # 2 means that I can see your computer/network on the internet. If I (a good guy) can see your computer then a thief can also. You need to do some serious work on getting your computer/network hidden as soon as possible!

If on the other hand your response was # 3 then your computer is hidden.

If you had a reply on # 1 and # 2 then you need to add a router between your computer/network and your ISP's cable/DSL modem then configure it to block WAN requests.

If you have a router then you need to configure the router to Block WAN Request. Then using the instructions on that page complete the setup of your router.

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Why do I call a "hacker" a thief? Because their only goal is to cost you money, if not directly then indirectly. The theft of your credit card or bank account information or the destruction of your data either way it costs you in time and money to repair.

These people deserve jail time not hollywood fame, if someone walked in to your home and took your wallet then used the credit cards and bank cards you would have them arrested and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, you should do the same to anyone thieving from your computer! They are thieves not heroes!

Remember if you don't protect your data then it will not be yours for long.

For more information on setting up wired or wireless routers see the Self Computer Repair Unleashed 2nd Edition Manual.

Now I do know that 90% of invasions come from viruses, to stop a virus from calling home with your data takes a few more steps, stay tuned ...

Now the really bad news: Your hero the hacker created that virus!

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I have a quest: Put hacker/thieves out of business, and the more people I can help protect their data then a thief will have to work harder. Call it pay back for all those thieves that stole my products. Every time I put a hacker or thief out of business really Smile!

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