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I can Hack your computer in less than two minutes...

You would think that the word "hack" would mean to chop or break apart an item, no?

So what do you think of that statement?

If I can hack it, so can you, or a thief.

How would I do it? With a bootable device such as a CD or Pen drive.

You see all computers are accessible regardless of the level of security applied to the computer with a few exceptions:

  • The hard drive is encrypted with a special program that requires a special User ID and Password.
  • The BIOS is password protected and the case is physically locked.
  • All boot drives/devices are disabled except the internal boot hard drive or SSD

Other than that hacking your computer is a piece of cake.

Now I personally would not access anyone's computer with out their permission, i.e. they have a problem with the computer and can not access it.

Why do I say this?

If you store your data on your personal computer all a thief needs is a few minutes uninterrupted time to boot the computer from a bootable device then search for your data, copy it, then shut down the computer and you would never be the wiser until your bank account is drained or your private emails showed up on a slime blog somewhere.

But there are ways to keep even a resourceful thief from stealing your information.

However some of these solutions are expensive or time consuming to use.

  • Having used a computer with an encrypted hard drive. I found that if the OS had a problem the encryption solution for security normally the fix was backing up the data, wiping the drive and starting all over again. Not a very good solution for the normal user.
  • If you use the BIOS to password for access to the hardware there is a simple solution to gaining access, although I will not publish it here, you may already know how to do it.

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There is a another solution I have used in the past and that is encrypting only the data, that is encrypting each file. This is where it becomes time consuming, to work with a file you have to decrypt it, save it, then encrypt the modified file.

The best solution is to not keep your data on your computer but on a secure server in a secure area.

  • No key to the server, no access
  • No user id and password, no access

I have heard a few horror stories about using iCloud storage, some are a "free" for a limited time then the company starts to charge for the storage. I encourage you to find a different solution before the time runs out on the 'free' storage, once you go over the free to charge your data will be held hostage until you pay and some of the fees are quite high... Something to consider.

However when you are at a remote location how do you access your data? Ever hear the term VPN?

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