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Windows 7 Group Policy Settings use this advice with caution...

Windows 7 Group Policy Settings closing security holes increases your data's security.

Changing these listed settings does not have any adverse effects on the way Windows 7 operates.

However any changes to the Group Policy should be done with the utmost care, changing the wrong GPO may cause you to become locked out of the computer or may even cause it to not start!

These listings are unsorted from the 'All Settings' list, you will see multiple instances of the same Group Policy, when I turn off one instance I turn off all instances of the GPO, thus causing less confusion.

Some of the settings correspond with services that have been disabled also. Some MCSE's (mistakenly) will point out that if a service is disabled then disabling the GPO is redundant.

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However if the service is  disabled and the GPO is not then someone can enable and start the service with out your knowledge, thus opening a security hole that you thought was closed.

This way if a say a virus has the ability to turn on the Firewall service and open a port. with the GPO for the Firewall disabled the virus will not be able to connect to the internet. Something to think about.

Note: Windows 2000 had 100 GP, XP before SP 1 had 140, Vista has over 400, Windows 7 has over 700 GP's! Windows 8 is estimated to have over 1000!

These lists were tested for and extracted from the Windows 7 Group Policy Settings,  there are over 700 settings in Windows 7!

Windows 7 Group Policy Settings listings:

Machine Settings

The image, table, or PDF was removed because it will not display on your device. Check back on a PC....
Setting State
Disable remote Desktop Sharing Enabled
Disable Windows Error Reporting Enabled
Display Shutdown Event Tracker Disabled
Do not send a Windows error report when a generic driver is installed on a device Enabled
Offer Remote Assistance Disabled
Prevent use of Offline Files folder Enabled
Remove Boot / Shutdown / Logon / Logoff status messages Enabled
Remove 'Make Available Offline' Enabled
RPC Endpoint Mapper Client Authentication Disabled
RPC Troubleshooting State Information Disabled
Set the Remote Desktop licensing mode Disabled
Store BitLocker recovery information in Active Directory Domain Services
(Windows Server 2008 and Windows Vista)
Synchronize all offline files before logging off Disabled
Synchronize offline files before suspend Disabled
Turn off Autoplay Enabled
Turn off Autoplay for non-volume devices Enabled

User Settings

The image, table, or PDF was removed because it will not display on your device. Check back on a PC....
Setting State
Add "Run in Separate Memory Space" check box to Run dialog box Enabled
Add Logoff to the Start Menu Enabled
Add the Run command to the Start Menu Enabled
Configure HTTP Proxy Enabled
Disk Defragmenter Enabled
Disk Management Enabled
Do not allow Windows Messenger to be run Enabled
Do not automatically start Windows Messenger initially Enabled
Do not display the Welcome Center at user logon Enabled
Do not save encrypted pages to disk Enabled
FAX Service Disabled
Force classic Start Menu Enabled
Indexing Service Disabled
No Computers Near Me in Network Locations Enabled
Prevent CD and DVD Media Information Retrieval Enabled
Remote Access Disabled
Remote Desktops Disabled
Remote Installation Services Disabled
Remove Balloon Tips on Start Menu items Enabled
Remove the "Undock PC" button from the Start Menu Enabled
Remove the Action Center icon Enabled

For Windows 7 GPOs I will repeat my warning from above -

Any changes to the GPO should be done with the utmost care, changing the wrong GPO may cause you to become locked out of the computer, cause it to be unstable, or even Blue Screen on start up. Use with the utmost caution!

I cover these tested GPO's and over 150 more and the use of gpedit in the Windows 7 Ultimate Guide.

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